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Josh Clontz

1. You skated out last night and contributed 4 points to the win. What made you and Derrian switch roles and how did you feel skating out? It was just something to change things up a bit. Personal I think it helps me as a goalie to see what the players see now and then. I also keep threatening to convert to skates in net, so it helps with getting more comfortable on skates. Derrian always tells us he can play in net, and he did a good job for us, so it's good to know if I cant make a game he can come through for us! 2. You guys were playing ironman. How do you think you guys played considering there were no subs on the bench? Considering we put 57 shots on net and only allowed 18 while playing ironman with me as one of the skaters....I am very pleased with that! We all played smart and cycled positions some to keep from getting tired and it worked well. 3. You brought some of the Spare Parts to the league, including Tyler Luzier. What can you say about the progress he has made since he started playing goalie in Reynoldsville? So I did help with convincing some of the spare parts to come to the xhl, but I have to say if it were not for Brian May I would have never played hockey, so it's kind of cool how one thing leads to another and the other night we all played each other. Tyler has really progressed well in the last year! Since day one he had a good sense of where he should be because he understands play development, but lately his angles have improved and he is working on being able to physically cover more net. I think he is proving he can be a major asset to a team. 4. Your team now has 3 wins on the season but hasn’t been able to beat one of the league’s elite teams yet. What does a win like last night do for team confidence going forward? It helps! I think we know what we are capable of and we are confident... we just have had some "growing pains" if that's what you want to call it. Guys are getting more comfortable with each others styles and tendencies. I am sure when it all comes together we will be in good shape. 5. You will be off this Monday, then you will get another shot at the Xtreme. For team confidence, how important do you think that game will be to you guys? When we played the xtreme earlier in the season we had a big lead and then let it get away from us...or I guess Kevin Smith decided to take it??? A win would certainly be a confidence booster, but again I really dont think we have a confidence issue at this point. We may have been over confident at first, we have a group of very talented players we just need to work togeather and play smart and the wins will happen.


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