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Wednesday, 5/29

Brian May (Spare Parts)

1. Tough 13-3 loss to the Renegades last night. What can you say about the team effort in the loss? I thought we had a good 1st and 2nd period. By third fatigue and we started trying to push offense and that allowed more odd man breaks for them

2. What positives can you take out of the game? Every game I am seeing the younger guys thinking the game better. Positioning is getting better, passing is improving, Getting back on D, etc 3. You will get Monday night off to recover before playing the Chiefs in a couple weeks. What kind of game do you expect from them this time around? I thought they had a good game last night V jagrbombs, their positioning is getting better and jump on the ball. Should be fun 4. You guys played tough until the 3rd period last night. What do you think went wrong in that final stretch? As mentioned before, fatigue and a push for offense didn’t work 5. Tyler faced 57 shots last night. How do you think he played? Solid until the third and then I think fatigue got to him by then, as it did all of us

Lauren Dodd (Chiefs)

1. Tough 11-3 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? It was a hard fought game. Every one of us gave it our all and played a really great game. 2. What positives can you take out of the game? Each and every game we keep making little improvements, whether they realize it or not, and no matter what the score is. They’re all a great group of positive people that always makes the games fun to play one way or another, and I appreciate that. 3. You aren’t the only girl in the league, nor are you the only girl on the team. Whats it like having another girl on your team? I’d say it’s pretty awesome! I’m used to playing with my sisters most of the time anyways so it’s really no different but it’s always nice to play with someone else, that’s not your siblings, especially as awesome as she is haha 4. Expectations for the team may have been a little low. Have you noticed any improvement since the opening game of the season? Again I feel like we keep improving one way or another every game. Whether it’s our communication skills or just getting to work better and better with one another and finding our places as a team, we continue to push forward together. It’s actually pretty great to see. 5. Mayhem are up Monday night. You know anything about them? I know I’ve played against a few of their players at some point or another, and I really can’t make it to see any of the other games most of the time but from what I have seen it should be interesting to see how it’s going to play out haha.

Peach Caltagarone (Chiefs)

1. 8 to 2 loss to the Knights last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? The overall effort was outstanding. I honestly just wanted to go the distance with them, but having a short bench and with Henry out, that was going to be a tall order. The boys answered the call, and we played a hell of a game 2. What positives can you take out of a game like this? We went into the 3rd with a score of 3-2. We actually had a chance to pull off an upset. We played a lot of defense but played it well. Until the 3rd, we really didn't give up quality scoring chances, and when we did Clint stood tall. We couldn't match their speed at all, but proved that we could neutralize it in our zone. For a while atleast. 3. Did you think there was a turning point that put too much separation between you guys and the Knights last night? The turning point was the 3rd period. We hung in there until then, but about halfway thru we gave up about 4 goals within a few minutes. We were exhausted, and we were still playing the Knights. 4. Henry Sutter couldn’t play last night due to an injury. Clint gladly stepped in. How do you think he did subbing in? Clint was remarkable! I wish we could have done him a little better. He stood on his head and made some dazzling saves. We appreciate the effort he gave us last night, ad he's definitely our 2nd favorite XHL goalie! 5. You put a team together a couple years ago called the Chiefs. You will get to face them Monday night. What kind of game do you expect from them? They seem like a pretty decent team. They looked good what little bit i saw last night. Let's see how they do when 3 players on the opposing team are wearing their jerseys.

Luke McMinn (Knights)

1. 8 to 2 win over the Mayhem last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win? It was good. Sometimes you can play a little lax against teams you’re expecting to dominate, but we didn’t have that vibe. Everyone was working hard. Give credit to the Mayhem, they didn’t give us anything easy 2. Mayhem are one of those teams that could compete with the better teams and beat the mid tier teams. What was your impression of them last night? They play hard and seem like they’re starting to believe in themselves. Peachy is a good leader. You can see they’re starting to expect to win games and that’s a great sign. 3. You missed a couple games with an injury. How did you feel after playing last night? I feel great. That’s an injury I’ve had for 5 or 6 years, so feels good to finally have it fixed. 4. You and Jerred jumped from the Colonials to the Knights this year. How would you compare playing with the Knights to playing on the Colonials last season? Both teams are filled with great teammates and are fun to play with. The Colonials are more of a methodical, defensive minded team and have the perfect roster for that style. The Knights are full throttle from start to finish, high energy, high speed, which fits their skill and youth really well. They make me feel older than I already am tho lol 5. Speaking of Colonials, you will play them Monday night. What kind of game are you expecting? Close game, low scoring. Should come down to which team has the better 3rd period.

Nathan Wolfe (Storm)

1. A couple tough games for you guys following another 12-0 loss last night. Any positives to take out of last night’s game and the game before? Everybody went out and played hard and was a good team effort for the amount of guys we had. 2. You picked up Conan. How did you think he looked for you guys? Conan was a little rusty last night, he hasn’t played on the court for some time but he’s got speed and skills that will hopefully help us out further down the road. 3. You have only played a handful of games so far. You feeling any more comfortable out there? Definitely starting to get more comfortable and starting to get used to everyone’s style of play. 4. What kind of potential do you think Dan has to be a decent goalie in the league? Dan is a solid goalie. He seems very relaxed in goal. You put a good defense out there with him he won’t disappoint. 5. Hows your body feeling following all of the playing time with lack of subs? Little sore after the past couple games. Definitely getting tired faster from the lack of subs. Having usually only one sub is rough for the team, we need fresh legs more often.



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