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Zach Foradori/Eric Llewellyn

Zach Foradori (Spare Parts)

1. 4-0 loss to the Mayhem last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? We’ve been playing very solid. We just need to get more quality shots on goal. 2. The team has been shut out twice in a row. You think the team has generated good chances to score or do you think its still a work in progress? It’s still a work in process. We have many people that can score. We just have to find ways to get those people open. 3. Despite being shutout twice, the team has limited opponents to 18 goals in 4 games. How do you think the defense and Tyler Luzier have played so far this season? Defensively we don’t really have a superstar defenseman. But I like how we are playing. Everyone makes sure that there’s always at least one guy back and we get in the way of shots and passes. Now Tyler, he is playing amazing. You never really catch him out of position. Most goals that he has let in are on the defense either having a breakdown or even screening him a little. Other than that he’s playing outstanding. 4. You will get a chance against a new team (Chiefs) next week. How much do you know about them? Not much. I’m excited to play them. Should be a good game. 5. XHL has the reputation of being a competitive league. Whats been your impression of the league in the short time you have been playing so far? It’s very competitive. There comes a point where it gets a little out of hand but that’s expected with how tight the league is. Even the “lower” teams have been giving the “upper” teams good games. You have to have speed and hockey smarts to succeed in this league. You have to understand the game and that’s something I’ve been working on in the past year that I’ve played here. It’s a blast to play with everyone. Whether we get blown out, blow them out, or have a tight game. I’m always having fun and going as hard as I can.

Eric Llewellyn (Renegades)

1. 14 to 2 win over the Jagrbombs last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Our opponent had a short bench so the scoreboard doesnt tell the whole story.... however i was still pleased with our execution of the gameplan. I think thats our only meeting with them this year and i would have liked to play the full roster. 2. You have played 4 games with this team now. You feel like yourself and Gus are finding your roles with this team or do you still see it as a work in progress? We certainly werent at home for games 1 and 2 and we took 2 L’s against top teams. Its going to be a work in progress but we like the speed of how fast things are coming together. Gus had a great game last night and my goals came off of real good looks right where i like ‘em so i feel like the boys are learning where to look for me. 3. You now have 2 mercy rule wins following 2 losses to start the season. Are you feeling any better about where your team stands? It feels better but we wont be satisfied until were beating top teams. Taking these last 2 games by 12 was something we needed to do just to prove to ourselves that the offense is there. 4. The Knights are up next. What kind of game are you expecting out of them? Fast. Thats their #1 weapon. Speed. Fastest team in the league no question. Its going to be a good game. I know our squad is ready to see where we stand after a few games of working on things. 5. A lot of your former teammates, like Cory, Steve, Jerred, Cody, etc are on different teams. What have you observed with them as they too try to fit in on different teams? Ive seen them all play at least once already and i think everyone, incuding myself, is just trying to fit in and be productive as soon as possible. Its probably safe to say that nobody is 100% comfortable this early.


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