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May 13th Interviews

Henry Sutter (2 week rental player or will he be back for good?)

1. You pitched a shutout against the Spare Parts in your first game. What was it like to get back on the court last night? I had a great time and I couldn’t be happier with the new team. They really rallied to help me in my first game back. The Spare Parts played hard and it was a good defensive game. I look forward to seeing them again this season. 2. How do you think the Mayhem looked overall? I hadn’t even realized who all of my teammates were, so it was good to have such a strong outing as a group. I thought we played well together from start to finish. Coming from the very offensively minded Knights, it was a change to see a defense first Mayhem, but I think that I’ll enjoy our style of play. 3. You also played for the Jagrbombs at 9 and faced a lot of shots. How would you evaluate yourself overall last night? I probably am the first goalie in league history to post a shutout and get mercy ruled in the same night. I think the Jagrbombs will be a good team when they have their full roster and have a less rusty goalie. It was important for me to get the confidence boost from the first game, but it was equally beneficial to get humbled so quickly afterwards. I have a lot to work on to get to where I was a couple years ago. 4. What was your impression of the Renegades after playing them last night and the Spare Parts? I thought that the Spare Parts played well, but I don’t know if anyone can match the pace of play that the Renegades bring. I hadn’t played against some of them before so it was good to get a sense of what they bring to the table. They run a very efficient offense and don’t waste their opportunities. I look forward to playing them again with a new appreciation for their collective skill. 5. We all know your status for the summer has been in question for several weeks. Whats it looking like now? I should know my availability within a few weeks, so I’ll either be on a 2 week contract to start the season, or the Mayhem will have their goalie situation figured out for the rest of the season. Either way, I’m just glad to be playing some hockey.

Fred Terwilliger (Another 3rd period collapse, will he stand in front of Brandon next week?)

1. A 4 to 4 tie turned into a 9 to 5 loss. What do you think went wrong in that final stretch? Over the years, I've learned to dub it as the "Colonials Collapse". We have perennially been a weak team in the 3rd period. I genuinely do not have an answer. Being a typically "defense-focused" team, I would suppose that we shift into "defending the goal" mode which ultimately allows the opposing team to possess the ball for longer periods of time. 2. What positives can you take out of the loss? Losing increases desire to win. Desire to win increases likelyhood of winning... therefore, losing increases likelyhood of winning. Simple application of the Transitive rule of inference. Too bad life isn't always logical. 3. Derik and Steve joined the team. Are you worried at all about team chemistry? Not worried... just waiting for it to "click". Both have been key players on previous teams. They have their style of play. The Colonials have their team approach. Eventually, we will figure out how it all works together. The Colonials have historically been a team of role-players. When Steve and Derik figure out how their style of play defines their role on the team... all the cylinders should start firing. 4. Only one sub tonight. Did you think you wore down? We know Bob and Derik like a lot of court time, and that is fine. As currently witnessed, the fine line between being appropriately staffed and understaffed is one player. I wear down EVERY game... but it is more difficult when the worry is always being "fresh" for the next guy who will be tired 10 seconds after you sit. 5. Yeti next week. What do you think the team needs to do better than tonight? Shoot more. The more you shoot, statistically, the odds of scoring increase. Oh, and get in front of Brandon's shots, which after saying it sounds like the stupidest decision a person could make.

Mikael Wenden (Impressed with the ladies on his team)

1. Nice 13 to 1 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I am happy with the team effort and I think we see improvement for every game played. We just need to keep the improvement mindset to correct what is not working and continue doing what is working well.

2. What do you think you guys did better tonight than the game against them two weeks ago? We made a much better game where we positioned ourselves better and had more of a passing game than last time. At the same time, Storm had a rough night missing several players and played shorthanded for a long time giving us the upper hand. I am certain that next game against them will be a much tighter affair.

3. What does a win like this do for team confidence? The win is a great boost for the team confidence, but I also think there are several game situations that worked out well tonight and this improves the confidence on an individual level.

4. How do you think the two ladies played?

Both had a game well played. Rebecca is finding her way in offensive zone and was in a good position to score several times during the game. Lauren showed us an amazing defensive play tonight and pretty much neutralized their scoring opportunities.

5. You think team chemistry is looking ok? The team chemistry is looking good and we are finding our roles, so I think we will continue to develop as a team over the coming games. This a great group of people that loves to play hockey and we are having a good time out there.

Clint Lingenfelter (Happy Birthday)

1. 9 to 5 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? Overall team effort was great from every aspect. I can't ask for the guys to play much better in front of me. 2. A 4 to 4 game turned into a 9 to 5 win. What did you think the team did well in that final stretch? Started shooting more. I noticed we went without a decent shot for a little bit but as soon as it got tied, the big 3 got er rollin. 3. How did you think the team did trying to contain Bob and Derik? Great. Didn't give them alot of space most of the night. Those two like to start from the point every play and whoever was up top did a good job getting in their faces! 4. 3 tough games to start the season. You like how the team has played? Yes. I was a little shaky to start the season but my play has improved along with all the guys in front of me. 5. You were hard on yourself last season. You feeling better about how you are playing? Not in the slightest. I still think there's a level to get too that I haven't been on for quite some time now but things are starting to weed their way out. Better every game!

Alex Waddell (Seeing lots of playing time)

1. Tough loss tonight. What positives can you take out of it? I think Dan is starting to look pretty comfortable in net, that could have been over much sooner if he didn’t have a great night. If we can get some defense in front of him we will be fine. 2. How are you feeling following a night of ironman hockey? I feel pretty good right now, tomorrow might be a different story. 3. 4 games in. You glad to be back in the league? Winning is always more fun but I’m always happy to play. There are a lot of new faces in the league and it’s nice to meet new people and catch up with old friends as well. 4. Chiefs are a new team as well. What was your impression of them following tonights game? They looked good. It certainly didn’t help our cause being Ironman/down a player but they are starting to build some chemistry. I don’t think they are going to make a run for the championship but I think they might surprise some teams and sneak in a few upsets. 5. You feeling like you are getting back into shape at all? I think I’ve been forced back into shape lol. I felt pretty good tonight. I’m not 20 any more but I feel like I’m getting there.


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