• Summer Anderson

Brad Divins ----- Mayhem

1. What can you say about the team effort in tonights loss? For our first game, the team really showed our potential. We held them off the scoreboard for a decent amount of time in the first before we scored the first goal. I think once guys learn how to play around each other our team will only improve. 2. Did you think there was a turning point that helped them pull away as the game went on? The turning point seemed to be around late second early third when we just started to get gassed. Their team is compiled of veterans in the league and they know when they can take advantage and pull away in a game and tonight that is what happened. 3. What positives can you take out of this game? It felt great to be back out there. I look forward to hockey nights. As for on the rink, all of our players are fitting in to their identity that Peach had when he put this team together. Now we just have to gel. 4. Spare parts up next week. What kind of game do you expect? I haven't been paying attention to records or scores of any game other than ours so I honestly know nothing about the teams this year. We'll just go in to this game the same as any other and we will adapt what we need to adapt on the fly. Hopefully its a competitive game. 5. You didnt get to play much in the winter league. Will you be able to play much this summer? Yeah, I should be able to make it to pretty much every game. Things come up in life but as for right now I have a couple hours every Monday night that I can use for this league.



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