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Week 3 Postgame Interviews

Jim Dennison (Chiefs)

1. What can you say about the team effort tonight? I thought our team effort was great. Everyone was out there grinding away at it, mixing it up with the Renegades. There was no short of effort. Something we all should be proud of! 2. Renegades are a championship caliber team. What was your impression of them after playing them tonight? The Renegades are a really good team. I also watched their first game. they are fast and pass a lot. No team in the league will have an easy time with them for sure. 3. What positives can you take out of a game like this? We all share the same mind set to go out there play hard, have fun and enjoy the game regardless of the outcome. We all played a tough team tough and that will help us in the weeks ahead. 4. You get another shot at the storm next week. What was your impression of them last week? The Storm has a good team. I am sure they will come together as the season progresses and get much better. I do look forward forward to playing them again, we had a lot of good match ups with them first time we played. 5. You like playing in games where you face a lot of shots? Yes I do like taking shots! The only thing I like better is making a lot of saves


Adam McKinley (Yeti)

1. 6-0 win tonight. What can you say about the team effort in the win? I think the played well. Passes were on and D bailed me out a few times. 2. What was your overall impression of the spare parts and goalie Tyler Luzier? Tyler played well. He was constantly being peppered. I was pleasantly impressed by their play. They missed a few good opportunities to take shots, but they have some guys with a lot of speed. If they can get their hands to match that speed, they could be dangerous. 3. Bye next week, then the colonials. What kind of game are you expecting from them? I reffed the Colonials tonight. They have speed, guys that can handle they ball well and hockey smarts. It's going to be a tough game. Always dangerous when Bob is on a team, but now he has added a speed demon in Derek and veteran Stevo. 4. Brandon has played 3 games on your team. How do you think he has fit in? Brandon fits in well as I thought he would. He's played on the Wolfpack with most of the Yeti core. 5. 3 weeks in. What have you observed with other teams? It's going to be a tough season. . . Very exciting! Lots of good teams to help raise the level of competition. Should be fun!


Jeremy Lee (Jagrbombs)

1. Tough loss tonight. What can you say about the team effort? Top notch effort by the boys tonight. We knew going into it they had an obvious speed advantage. But I think overall the guys up front slowed them down as best we could. They never kept fighting. 2. A 1-0 deficit after 1 got worse. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? Their skill players really stepped up and some quality goals in the second. There’s only one or two that I wish I could have back due to poor positioning on my part. Hats off to the knights they played a tough two way game and really limited us in their zone. 3. You faced a ton of shots. How did you think you played? I think I played well. Wish I could stopped a couple more and had the scoreboard reflect the way I though we played. There were times I felt like I isn’t quite have the best positioning but it is was is. 4. Only 5 goals in 2 games. Is offense a little bit of a concern? I’m not too worried about offense. We have some newer faces on our team for to the summer league and some guys who haven’t really played a whole lot together. I do believe we are built more for defense but our offense will eventually find its stride. 5. What positives can you take out of this game? As a goalie it’s really uplifting after giving up goals and having goal deficit to see guys not hanging their heads and continuing to fight. I believe it was 6-0 going into the third and before the period started we said we weren’t going to get shut out. Ben found a way to score one late to prevent the shut out. And even if we weren’t the best team on the court tonight we definitely were the best looking.


Mike Lehman (Renegades)

1. 12-0 win tonight. How did you think you guys looked overall? I think We looked good. A little slow in the first period but over all not bad. 2. The chiefs are not expected to win much this year. How did you approach this game? We talked before the game about working on a few things we were slacking on and did pretty well 3. Tough losses to start the season. Were you discouraged at all? Yes absolutely. I know we’re better than that but it was nice to win. 4. Jagrbombs next week. Know anything about them? Nothing 5. 10 teams this year and they are all coming for you guys. You think it's harder to win a championship or to defend one? I mean I don’t blame them. But I think it’s harder to win one for sure

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