• Summer Anderson

Mayhem set to open Monday night

Matt McGinnis

1. Mayhem is back for another season. What kind of game are you expecting against the Colonials Monday night? Hopefully a competitive one! It’s hard to say having not seen our team in action yet, but the Colonials are always tough. Should be fun! 2. You have had 2 weeks off to start the season. Have you tried to follow the league at all in those 2 weeks? I have! I think this is one of the most exciting parts of the season, because we are seeing new faces, new teams, and some familiar faces on different teams. Every team has a chance right now, so it’s fun to see how it shapes up. 3. This team will be very similar to last years team, but you have a couple new additions in Vinnie and Brad. What kind of team expectations do you have? It seems to me that the league has two tiers, and I’m hoping to be at the top of the bottom tier. I think we added some great guys, and we have some great ones returning, so I think we can take a step forward. 4. Peach rolled the dice to try to get Henry Sutter, but its not looking real promising right now. What have you heard about Henry’s status going into the season? It still sounds up in the air. Henry is a game changer, and having him would make a huge difference. I can’t stress enough how vital he has been to teams I’ve played on over the years. 5. Top 8 teams will make the playoffs this season. Do you like an expanded playoffs over a top 6 playoffs? I love it! In Brockway everyone makes it, and that’s nice throughout the year, and it makes the playoffs exciting. I think this gives some of the lower teams a goal to aim for that they wouldn’t normally have.


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