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More Interviews ------- Week 2

Tyler Luzier (Spare Parts)

1. Tough 4-3 loss to the Jagrbombs Monday night. What can you say about the overall team effort in that game? The team played well, the younger guys have a lot of hustle and we have some pretty good defensive guys too. They gave it all they had, we just came up short on a goal I should have stopped.

2. You made a lot of saves, but as a goalie, you are probably thinking about the ones you didn't save. Are there any you think you should have saved? All of them of course, but seriously, the one that was the game winner. I’m not sure what happened but I was not very pleased with that one. One in the second I was a little out of position on and wasn’t thrilled with it either but it was a nice shot also.

3. You playing with more confidence now than you were back in the fall league? Maybe a little, I’m getting a little more comfortable, which may be a better word then confident.

4. You guys get a game against the Yeti Monday night. What kind of expectations do you have against a team that looks to be playing at a championship level? I am looking forward to it. They have a lot of good players and there should be a lot of good scoring opportunities for them which is good for me. The more shots I see the more opportunities it is for improvement as far as I’m concerned. I’m pretty sure we all know how it’s going to go, lol, hopefully we can keep it reasonable.

5. What all have you observed within the league after two weeks? It’s Fast and the level of competition is definitely increased, no one wants to lose and guys are playing as hard as they can to get the win. Looks like it’s gonna be a fun season.

Denny Stinchcomb (Renegades)

1. Tough 7-6 loss in overtime. What do you think went wrong in those last 2 periods? Perhaps fatigue. We gotta want it more. And the Xtreme pushed xtremely well those last two periods. 2. Any positives to take out of these first 2 games? Yeah we played two good teams and stuck with them and I know we have more in the tank. 3. Any surprises you have observed within the rest of the league so far? Not really 4. You guys are expected by many to mercy rule the Chiefs this coming week. How do you personally approach a game when you are heavy favorites? Personally, I'm gonna try to not eat pizza before the game, take shorter shifts and play smart 5. Two losses against two tough teams to start the season. You or anyone else on the team a little discouraged from the two losses? Sure, we don't like to lose but we all know that we haven't reached our full potential and that is something we are looking forward to

Steve Hetrick (Chiefs)

1. 8-1 loss to the Storm Monday night. What positives can you take out of the loss? I'd say the only thing positive is that we all played hard. It was a tough loss, but we will get into a groove soon enough. I know we all enjoy the game, so I'd say another positive would be that we had fun. 2. How do you think the two ladies on the team looked? I thought they played really well. Lauren is definitely a grinder and isn't afraid to stand in front of a shot or move some people out of the way. Becky had a rough start getting into the game, but I think she got better as the night went on. 3. Jim faced 33 shots. How do you think he looked overall? Jim did an awesome job. There was one player on the Storm that seemed to find his groove early and had all of our numbers. Hopefully next game we can tighten up a bit and Jim won't see as many shots. 4. You have been back playing for close to a year. You feel like you are getting into a little better shape? I'm definitely playing and skating a lot better. My game has improved and I have been getting a little quicker and making better passes that I otherwise would just clear the ball out of our zone. Also with my new profession, I'm down 35lbs since Christmas, so I think that has helped out as well. 5. You recently were a part of a winter league championship team. How enjoyable was that experience? I could not have asked for a better team this past winter. We all seemed to click and find our roles on the team very quickly. I knew I was on a great team at the beginning of the season, but didn't know it would be a championship grade team. Steve Pompeii must've had a crystal ball... When he asked me the first night of winter season what team I was on, he said, "that has champions written all over it". I'm glad his predictions were correct. If if could happen again, I'd like to see if our same team could be the fall champions again this year.


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