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Yeti improve to 2-0, Storm, Jagrbombs and Xtreme pick up first wins:

Storm 8 Chiefs 1

The Storm picked up their first win of the season last night, thanks to some solid goal tending from rookie Dan Mitchell and 6 goals from 20 year old rookie Zach Kedge. Kedge assisted another rookie, Nate Wolfe for the games first goal and scored two more of his own to put the Storm up 3-0 at the end of the first period. Kedge and Wolfe would score three more combined goals in the 2nd period to put the Storm up 6-0 after 2 periods. Ryan Maxim scored the Chiefs only goal in the later stages of the 3rd period to help the Chiefs avoid the shutout. Jim Dennison made 25 saves in the losing effort while Dan Mitchell made 16 saves for the Storm. The Storm will be off next week following 3 games to start the season and will get another game against the Chiefs on May 13th. The Chiefs will get a date against the defending Champion Renegades next Monday night. A more detailed game summary can be found below:

Wolfe (1-0), Kedge (2-0), Kedge (3-0), Kedge (4-0), Wolfe (5-0), Kedge (6-0), Kedge (7-0), Maxim (1-7), Kedge (8-1)

Goals – Kedge 6, Wolfe 2

Goals – Maxim 1

Assists – Kedge 2, Waddell 1, Pearce 1

Assists – Wenden 1

Saves – Dennison 25, Mitchell 16

Scratches: Benanti, Farcus

Xtreme 7 Renegades 6 (Overtime)

For the 2nd week in a row, the Xtreme found themselves in another one goal game, only this time, found the better end of it. For the first period and a half, it looked like the Renegades were going to pull away, going up 5-1. Brandon Vollmer got the scoring started in the first period, followed by Eric Llewellyn and Pat Hunter. Joe Bussard temporarily stopped the bleeding, but Pat Hunter scored two more goals to put the Renegades up 5-1 in the 2nd period. It didn’t take long at all for the Xtreme to get back in the game. Kevin Smith would score 2 quick goals followed by another from AJ Cebulskie to get the Xtreme within a goal. Pat Hunter would score his 4th goal of the night late in the 2nd period to put the Renegades up 6-4 but Joe Bussard quickly answered to make it 6-5 going into the 3rd period. The 3rd period went back and forth before Joe Bussard scored his 3rd goal of the game to tie the game at 6. Overtime only lasted a minute or so before Kevin Smith found the back of the net for his 3rd goal of the game to give the Xtreme their first win of the season. Josh Clontz made 32 saves in the losing effort for the Renegades while Clint Lingenfelter made 25 saves. Smith and Bussard had 3 goals each for the Xtreme. Pat Hunter led the Renegades with 4 goals. The Renegades will face the Chiefs Monday night at 9. The Xtreme will be back in action on May 13th against the Colonials. A more detailed game summary can be found below:

Vollmer (1-0), Llewellyn (2-0), Hunter (3-0), Bussard (1-3), Hunter (4-1), Hunter (5-1), Smith (2-5), Smith (3-5), Cebulskie (4-5), Hunter (6-4), Bussard (5-6), Bussard (6-6), Smith (7-6 overtime)

Goals – Bussard 3, Smith 3, Cebulskie 1

Goals - Hunter 4, Llewellyn 1, Vollmer 1

Assists – Smith 2, Bussard 1, Jewell 1, Stitt 1

Assists – Stinchcomb 1, Llewellyn 1, Vollmer 1, Matchock 1

Saves – Clontz 32, Lingenfelter 25

No Scratches

Jagrbombs 4 Spare Parts 3

Jagrbombs played their first game of the season last night following a week 1 bye, picking up a hard fought 4-3 win against the Spare Parts. Only one goal was scored the first 25 minutes of the game and no one led by more than a goal the entire game. Jacob DeBerti put the Spare Parts up 1-0 in the first period. The game remained at 1-0 until the later stages of the 2nd period. Ben Rossi was finally able to get a shot by rookie Tyler Luzier to tie the game at 1 on a really nice set up from Steve Capetta. Shawn Logan kept the momentum going following Rossi’s goal to put the Jagrbombs up 2-1 before Nic Cebulskie was able to tie it at 2 going into the 3rd period. Ben Rossi scored his 2nd goal of the night in the 3rd period to put the Jagrbombs ahead again but Nic Cebulskie once again tied the game at 3. The game remained tied at 3 until Jeremy Lee found the back of the net to put the Jagrbombs up 4-3. The 4-3 lead would hold up to give the Jagrbombs the hard fought 4-3 victory. With limited availability for multiple players on its roster, Jagrbombs picked up Jonah Sampson to play in goal to give the team an extra skater. The move panned out seeing Sampson make some good quality saves, 22 in all and it allowed Jeremy Lee to score the game winning goal. On the other side, Tyler Luzier once again played really well for the Spare Parts, making a total of 30 saves on the night. The Spare Parts will play the Yeti next Monday night while the Jagrbombs will get a shot at the Knights. A more detailed game summary can be found below:

DeBerti (1-0), Rossi (1-1), Logan (2-1), Cebulskie (2-2), Rossi (3-2), Cebulskie (3-3), Lee (4-3)

Goals – Rossi 2, Lee 1, Logan 1

Goals – Cebulskie 2, DeBerti 1

Assists – Cory Schuckers 1, Capetta 1

Assists – Ritzie 1, Overbeck 1

Saves – Luzier 30, Sampson 22

Scratches: RJ, Matt Cole

Yeti 9 Knights 5

On Opening night, the Yeti found a way to beat the defending champs in a low scoring game. Last night, the Yeti found a way to knock off last season’s runner up in a higher scoring game. For a while, it didn’t look like they were going to repeat last week’s success, going down 2-0 at one point of the first period. Jerred Amick got the scoring started in the first period followed by Kurt Schindler to put the Knights up 2-0 before Cody Schuckers answered with a goal to get the Yeti within a goal going into the 2nd period. Jordan Tosh would put the Knights up 3-1 in the 2nd period but that lead was short lived following Yeti goals from Dan Fatula and Brandon Reiter. Jake Kline would give the Knights their final lead of the game at 4-3. From there, it seemed like the Yeti started taking over the game.. Reiter and Steve Pompeii scored goals to put the Yeti up 5-4. Jerred Amick would score his 2nd goal of the game to temporarily tie the game up at 5. It was all downhill from there for the Knights. Mike Jacobson put the Yeti up 6-5 and let Brandon Reiter put on a show from there, scoring three consecutive goals to help the Yeti improve to 2-0 on the season with the 9-5 win. Reiter led the Yeti with 5 goals. On the other side, Jerred Amick had 2 goals for the Knights. Todd Schickling was unable to play last week and didn’t play in the winter league. The Yeti broke him in with 39 shots against him last night. Schickling was able to make 30 saves. On the other side, Adam McKinley made 26 saves for the Yeti. McKinley will be celebrating last nights win for his birthday today. The Yeti will face the Spare Parts next Monday night. The Knights, now 1 and 1, will face the Jagrbombs at 8 p.m. Monday night. A more detailed scoring summary can be found below:

Amick (1-0), Schindler (2-0), Cody (1-2), Tosh (3-1), Fatula (2-3), Reiter (3-3), Kline (4-3), Reiter (4-4), S. Pompeii (5-4), Amick (5-5), Jacobson (6-5), Reiter (7-5), Reiter (8-5), Reiter (9-5)

Goals – Reiter 5, Fatula 1, Jacobson 1, Steve Pompeii 1, Cody Schuckers 1

Goals – Amick 2, Schindler 1, Kline 1, Tosh 1

Assists – Cody Schuckers 2, Reiter 1, Steve Pompeii 1, Fatula 1, Jacobson 1, Currin 1

Assists – Amick 1, Calvert 1, Schindler 1, Tosh 1, Kline 1

Saves – Schickling 30, McKinley 26

Scratches – McMinn, Rutherford


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