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Week 2 (Four Interviews)

Zach Kedge (Storm)

1. Nice 8 to 1 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I think it was a much better defensive effort in this game from everyone which led to our scoring opportunities 2. 6 goals. You playing with a little more confidence after last week? Yeah last week I was getting back into the swing of things it was nice to score a few 3. Only 3 games in, but what's it been like so far? Its a lot of fun and very fast paced 4. What's been your impression of the goalie, Dan Mitchell? The first two games we left him out to dry but yesterday we got see how well he plays when we have support around the net. 5. Getting used to the wooden floor yet? And ive gotten used to the wooden floors now theyre not too bad to play on

Shawn Logan (Jagrbombs)

1. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? Team effort was good. We will be battling a short bench regularly but we handled it well for the most part. 2. Hows your body feeling following the game? I was very aware that I would have to try and pick the best times to exert myself so I'm feeling ok but limited on endurance. 3. What was your impression of the spare parts? I knew it was going to be a classic case of us having a little more experience but a little less gas. I never underestimated them. It wasn't long ago I could play large minutes and when you're in their skates you're trying to prove yourself to some other teams and try to climb the ladder. 4. What does a guy like Cory bring to this team? When I was new to the league 13 seasons ago Cory was one of those guys that really impressed you and stood out on the enforcers. He's a guy that can do it all that's no secret. I noticed many times when he made an impact play on offense yet was hustling on the back check and that makes my job on D 10x easier. 5. Jonah filled in net to allow Jeremy to skate out. How did you think that worked out for you tonight? Well I have to say well I believe that was J Lee with the game winner! Jonah was great all you can ask for is a chance to win and he was solid

Kevin Smith (Xtreme)

1. Overtime winner tonight. What does a win like this do for team confidence? I think tonight showed if we can get to our game, we can dictate the pace and limit chances. Tonight should be a big boost in confidence for our team! 2. You were down 5 to 1. What do you think you guys did different in the 2nd and 3rd period? The first period was not a good start...frankly it was terrible. We didn’t play well at all. We had a chat between periods and Dave laid it out for us! We knew we had to control the pace. I think we played much tighter defensively as a team. 3. Renegades have the type of team that can put you away. Were you worried when they made it 5 to 1? I wish I could say no, but I would be lying. It felt like the game was going to get out of control in a hurry. We scored a couple quick ones and started building confidence. We were able to lock down defensively and played solid the rest of the way 4. Tough loss last week to the knights after leading most of the game. What do you think went wrong at the end? The same thing that went wrong in the first period tonight, not being responsible defensively as a team. We gave up an odd man rush late and they capitalized. 5. 2 one goal games so far. Do you like playing in those kind of games? Absolutely love them, there is so much more excitement when it comes down to the wire. Every play, every shot, every face off... everything is magnified. I hope with the weighted schedule we get to see a lot more close games.

Cody Schuckers (Yeti)

1. 2 big wins to start the season. How do you like the way the team is playing after 2 games? I think we’ve been playing very well only two games in me personally I feel like I’ve gained some chemistry together so hopefully we can continue our early success 2. What do you think the difference was in tonights win? Our depth and defense I think we were able to tighten up when we needed too

3. You and Brandon are the new additions to this team. How do you think the two of you have fit in so far? I think Brandon would fit in with any team you put him on his hockey iq is extremely high let alone his talent in every other area so I think we’re fitting in nicely

4. Any surprises you have observed within the league so far? Surprised to see the renegades 0-2 to start the season

5. Spare parts next week. What do you know about them? Not a whole lot they have a few quick skaters just need to tighten up defensively


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