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Zach and Zach

Zach Kedge

1. You have signed up to play XHL this summer. Are you excited, nervous or a little bit of both? Excited to play 2. None of us know you yet. Tell us a little bit about your hockey background, your interests, etc? I grew up playing ice and roller my whole life. Buffalo is a huge hockey city. I also work for the railroad near Dubois 3. You mentioned that you played in a league in Buffalo. What was that level of competition like? The competition level was high there were tryouts for the league it was a little more select 4. This will be the 19th season for the XHL. Where were you 19 years ago? 19 years ago I was 1 yrs old lol 5. What would you consider your biggest strengths and weaknesses with hockey? Biggest strength is definitely my speed and my biggest weakness is probably my slapshot

Zach Puhala

1. You suffered a pretty tough injury at the Randy Carlson tournament. Whats it been like trying to recover from it? It’s been tough trying to recover from my injury. This is my first real bad sports related injury. It’s tough for me because I wanna get back out and play again. 2. Will you be able to play right away or will you have to miss some time? I might be a little rusty and limited the first week but I should be good to go. It also helps that our team has 2 byes the first month, gives me more time to recover 3. The Mayhem picked up a couple nice players in Vinnie Deloia and Brad Divins. What kind of team expectations do you have? I expect to get more wins this year than last year. I think we will have a pretty good team and we will be a competitive team. I’m excited to see what we can do this year. 4. The Goalie situation is a little bit in question with Henry Sutter unsure of his availability. If he can play, do you like your teams chances of being even more competitive than last season? I’ve played against Sutter for a couple years down in Brockway. He’s a solid goalie and hard to score on. Like I said in question 3, I think we will have a pretty competitive team. 5. Without being able to play hockey, what have you been doing with your time away from it? For awhile my time was spent laying around, playing video games, and watching tv. Anything I could do to stay relaxed and off my ankle. I’m excited and can’t wait to get back to playing.


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