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Lauren Dodd/Rebecca Dahrouge

Lauren Dodd

1. You have been a part of 2 winter league championship teams in a row now. How would you compare this team to the one that you were on last year? Both teams were very great teams. Outstanding team mates, and I think we all worked pretty well throughout the season. 2. A 3-2 win in the 3rd and deciding game. In a close game like that, are you sometimes afraid of making a critical mistake that could cost your team the game? I’m always afraid of that haha. Mainly because if it’s going to be anyone to be anyone it’s going to be me lol. 3. You like playing in these low scoring, grind out games better or do you like the high flying, high scoring games? Games like that always keep you on your toes and you’re constantly moving, which I can’t complain with at all. Keeps me invested and always trying pushing myself. 4. On paper, it doesn’t appear that your summer league team will share the same kind of success as this winter league team saw. What kind of expectations do you have for this coming summer? I’m excited for summer. I’ve hockey played with Isaac for quite a while and used to play with Ryan in junior hockey, as well as playing with Mike in pick-up hockey at Edgewood. I’m really excited to see how everyone is going to meld together, and I know one way or another we are going to have a blast every game we play. I can’t wait haha 5. Whats it been like being the only female participant? I mean I’m not exactly good at it but I love to do it, so whether I’m the only female or not I’m still gonna play and enjoy it. I guess you could say it’s challenging, like any other sport, but I always like a good challenge.....Also probably have a slight skating addiction but that’s beside the point hahahaha

Rebecca Dahrouge

1. You have decided to sign up to play hockey this summer. What exactly made you want to give it a try? I used to play years ago and wanted to get back into it again. And my son wanted to see me play. 2. A lot of us don’t know you too well yet. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your interests, your hockey background and what exactly made you want to date Steve Hetrick ? My interests are skating, mountain biking, soccer, and spending time with my kids.. I played hockey in high school for doc at the rink and a couple years after that. Hmmm.. what made me want to date steve.. Well he has a great sense of humor, a good attitude about life, he is a great bug repellent. Basically he just makes me smile. 3. What would you consider to be your biggest strengths and weakness when it comes to playing hockey? My greatest weakness would be shooting. I'm alright but could definitely be better. My greatest strength would be defense. 4. This will be the 19th year for the xhl. Do you remember what you were doing 19 years ago? 19 years ago I was a senior in high school. This makes me feel extremely old.. 5. The Dahrouge family suffered a very tough loss back in January. If you don’t mind sharing, how does a family even attempt to move on with normal living after something like this happens?

It was a loss that none of us ever would have expected to happen. We all have and had our own ways of moving on from this. It opens an entire new look on life and that you never truly know when it will be your time. It has been hard for his family to wrap their heads around it even now. But everyone has pulled together to help each other as much as possible.


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