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Jarrod and Jerred

Jarrod Currin

1. XHL set to start in 2 weeks. Are you looking forward to playing in another season? I’m very excited to get back. Recently I’ve been getting the itch to get back on the court and I’m really excited about our team this year. Fear the Yeti! 2. You will get a big test right off the bat against the Renegades. Would you rather play an easier team on opening night or does a game against them give you even more incentive for getting back on the court? It feels as though every year we start off the year with a tough competitor, which I have absolutely no issue with. It sets the tone early and usually gives us an idea what we need to work on early in the season. I just hope I don’t get suspended for a game for flexing my massive biceps at someone who threatened to punch me in the face. Time will tell. I’m still waiting on a response from the board of directors as to why I was unjustly suspended. Is there a bicep clause I’m unaware of?? 3. You didn’t play in the fall or winter. Do you think you will be out of shape at all? The simple answer to that is yes. I’ve certainly put on a high density of mass in my offseason while healing up from a few injuries, but I’ve been putting in some serious training the past few weeks to counteract that. It may take me a few games but I will get my feet under me sooner rather than later. I will be missing wide open one timers before you know it. 4. You were only able to play half the time last season. Will that be the case this season? This year I will be a full time participant. Last year I was working 12 hour shifts on nights which limited my ability to play, but thanks to my unparalleled work ethic and highly progressive intelligent mind, I received a promotion. I have my own office where I bark orders at everyone else to do the heavy lifting while I lounge back sipping on whiskey. 5. You lost your dog not too long ago. Do you think some nights of xhl hockey can help keep your mind off of losing such a special friend? There is nothing in the world that will replace the legend that is Jasmine Currin. This year will be played in her honor and I plan on bringing home the trophy for her to see one more time. RIP

Jerred Amick

1. Schedule is official. You will get to play the Xtreme on Opening night. What kind of game are you expecting? After a team name that copied the league name, how can anybody be intimidated? Are they really THAT xtreme? I’m personally not worried about who is in front of us, my job will be to help when needed and keep it simple until we get some chemistry going. I hope the xtreme doesn’t get too xtreme for us, the league is already xtreme enough for me. 2. You will be on your 3rd team in 3 years. Are you excited for the opportunity to play on a team that nearly won a championship last season? I’m actually pretty excited about it as there will not be as much pressure on me as there was on my previous teams. I imagine this is similar to how John Tavares or Matt duchene felt going to an already good team. An already established defense, offense, and goaltending. I’ll just slot myself in with zero pressure. 3. Your Colonial experience was short lived, but how would you compare their style of play to the Knights style of play and how do you think you will be able to fit in with this group of guys? Age. I’m no longer the youngest person on the team and I won’t be required to double shift. I had to triple shift sometimes on the colonials simply because we didn’t have enough players. Bob enjoyed the playing time, the rest of the team though, not so much. Knights do not have this problem as they have plenty of younger players that are certainly faster than me. 4. You have been a part of the XHL for a long time now. Do you like to look at opening night as just another game or do you think it’s a little bigger than just a normal game? Opening night is certainly a big deal. It’s first glance at all the teams; who’s flopping and who’s clicking. We know from the hooligans that a stacked roster doesn’t always work and opening night is the initial preview of teams and their current chemistry. Attendance is always much higher too, for some added pressure 5. This will be the league’s 19th season------------ how do you compare the league now to what it was like when you were first playing in the early years in Brockway? The goalies seem much better and the league is progressing in skill. I remember pretty much destroying goalies on breakaway after breakaway on the Wreckin Crew and Rogue in the mid 2000s. I don’t get as many breakaways anymore because of d coverage and when I do, you really have to shake things up with new moves to beat goalies. Adam’s glove hand is better too. Bob hasn’t changed though, he still uses cheat codes for infinite endurance.


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