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Phil Pompeii (Team Gray)

1. Hard fought 3 to 2 win tonight. What can you say about the team effort? It was a great effort from everyone today we all played well and came through at the end with the win. 2. Take us thru that game winning goal? I passed it to mike and I just made a run to the net and mike made a perfect pass to me I was pretty close to the goalie so he dropped down and I just kinda took a step pack and lifted it above him. 3. A 2-0 lead got away from you . How concerned were you when they tied it up at 2? Wasn’t concerned at all. We all knew it was gonna be a close game back and fourth the whole time. 4. Neither Joe or Bob scored tonight. Was this the kind of game 3 you expected ? I expected it to be tight. They weren’t giving bob any room and we didn’t give joe any room all game. But it was hard fought from both teams. Definitely was a fun game 5. What was the overall experience of playing on this team like? It was great playing with everyone we all had really good chemistry together and fed off each other very well. But I’m ready for summer league to start up and get back out there with the yeti boys

Jake Kline (White)

1. Tough 3 to 2 loss tonight. How are you feeling physically following all the hockey this winter? Yeah was a tough lost tonight. But 1 bad bounce or 1 turn over game could of went the other way. I'm feeling pretty beat and exhausted was a great season though had a good time good group of guys on the team also 2. Disappointed at all or happy with the teams season? I'm very happy with the teams season. I'm mean 2 OT loses in regular season and 2 regulation loses in finals with final game only down by 1 I'd say was a pretty damn good season 3. What can you say about Luziers effort in net tonight? Luzier is getting better and better every game he did great in the playoffs period and 2night he was awesome. Stop some awesome opportunities that should of been in net. 4. Offense only had 2 goals. Did you think you had any good chances in that 3rd period? I'm not sure if we had any real good chances in the 3rd. When your playing against rob it is very hard to get a good chance. That man can stop the impossible 1s. It is unreal. But we had some decant chances just didn't go out way 5. Excited to be returning to the knights this season? Very excited for another summer with the knights. Can't wait for us all go get back on the court with the couple additions we got. Looking for another run at the cup. GO KNIGHTS


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