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Rob Keith/Peach Interviews

Rob Keith (Gray)

1. 2 Hard fought games last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in each game? We fought hard in both games, but I think trying to come back from 2 deficits during game 2 wore us out. 2. You saw your team inch one step closer to a championship, but also saw your team suffer its first loss of the season last night. Did you walk out of the rink looking at the glass half empty or half full after the games were over? Half empty in my perspective because I gave up my worst goal of the night to lose it! Ha! No, we like our chances come next Monday. 3. Are there any goals you would like to take back? Goal 2 and goal 5. Should've had 'em both. What are the chances that the rebound on that final goal went straight to Dr. Dan?? That's the way things bounce sometimes. I robbed Dan earlier, so he buried it that time. My teammates were really supportive, though. I made several saves I really shouldn't have made, so it all balances out somehow. 4. You had concerns of playing back to back games. How did you feel in the 2nd game compared to the first game? My legs felt like rubber bands, my side-to-side pushoffs were slow, and getting up from being down was slow. I am quite sore now, but I'll be fine for Monday. This body has been taking goaltending abuse for 29 years, and boy do I feel it after 2 games in one night. 5. Game 3 will be next Monday night. What kind of game are you expecting? As good as these last two - rather clean, skill-filled games! It's been a fun, competitive league. I'm just trying to enjoy it while I am still able to play.

Peach (Royal Blue)

1. You made your way back to the court Monday night. How did you feel following 2 games of hockey? It felt great having skates on again, even though I laced them up a bit too tight. It was a necessary precaution, and it only hurt until I took them off this time. I learned a hard lesson about trying to rush back from an injury. Just because you can suck up the pain doesn't mean your joints won't crumble underneath you 2. The team was unable to find a way to win game 2 after having a 2 goal lead at one point. What do you think went wrong in the 3rd period? We had trouble sustaining leads and finishing games all year. I think we all watched too much Penguin hockey and developed bad habits. I feel partly to blame for the 3rd period. I made a pass that was on target, but didn't have enough sauce. Bob picked it off, took the lead with a goal. They scored a couple more shortly after, and our season was over.(sorry guys) 3. What can you say about the team effort despite the 2 losses? Game 1 wasn't good at all. Not enough desperation, hussle, too many odd-man breaks, and we couldn't generate quality scoring chances. We turned it around for Game 2, and all of the above were better, but we just couldn't find a way to finish. Lee actually made several highlight reel saves, sometimes in short succession, and I wish we could have gotten him a win 4. The team really never got on track consistently. What do you think went wrong? Maybe it was chemistry? We had some great players and some good role players. Even when we made good plays we just weren't able to execute. It just seemed like we never really listened to Coach Steve. Perhaps all those years of tuning him out as a Hooligan came back to bite us. 5. What positives can you take out of the season? I had a lot of fun with those guys, even though I had to miss a bunch of games down the stretch. We played in a lot of close games, and almost always had a chance to win. Its hard to derive negatives when you're always competitve and having fun. We made it to the semi-finals too, so there are not many reasons to hang our heads. We definitely had more protons than electrons.


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