• Summer Anderson

Team Gray heading to the finals

Bob Anderson

1. Team gray remains unbeaten after 2 wins last night, and most important, you are going to the finals. What can you say about the overall team effort in last night’s wins?

I'm happy to be moving on to the finals obviously! I thought we played a little sloppy in the second game and maybe didn't show the same sense of urgency as we did in the first game. But we were able to take control in the third period and survived a tough test against a good group of players on the Blue team.

2. John subbed in for Rob in game 1 and only allowed 3 goals. Were you happy with the way he did filling in for Rob in that game?

For sure! Match is probably the most versatile player in the entire league. He can play offense, defense, and goalie, and does them all effectively! He faced quite a few shots in that first game and shut the door for the most part.

3. Before the start of game 2, Steve Kalgren mentioned that your team had much better team chemistry than his team had. How do you think you guys have been able to put together this successful of a team this winter?

I suppose it comes down to everyone accepting a role on the team and playing it to their best of their ability. We are fortunate to have a group of players who are defensively conscious. We are able to score goals, but we don't abandon our defense to do it.

4. Game 2 was tight the whole way. What do you think made the difference in helping you guys pull away in the final minutes?

I'm not really sure if there was one particular factor. I think we were just able to get a couple of bounces that maybe the Blue team didn't get. They had a couple of chances in the third period that hit the post or just missed. I think we were fortunate enough to get a couple of those types of chances to go in.

5. With your sweep and team white’s sweep, you two have earned a trip to the finals. What kind of a series are you expecting from them?

I definitely think that the biggest challenge awaits us next week. Our only game against them this season went to overtime. I'm not sure they've had a competitive game for about a month and a half. They've been winning by large margins which tells you they are going to be a difficult team to beat. That said, everyone should grab their popcorn and get to the rink early next week. I think we are in for a great series!


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