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3 new interviews -------- 03/18

Steve Hetrick (Scoreboard Operator-------- Team Gray)

1. You got to witness lots of hockey games Monday night. What game surprised you the most? The game that stood out to me the most would probably be Lime VS Aqua. I was impressed by how well Lime played in that game. It was very fast paced and full of some great saves. I know Aqua was missing a couple players, but Lime definitely brought some intensity to that game. 2. With your team’s success, you got to play the role of the spectator Monday night. What did you observe from the two teams that moved onto this week, team black and team blue? Team black seemed to be clicking during there game verse lime. Clink made some really good saves and it seemed as if there players were playing two way hockey. Blue looked really good as well. And I know they will be planning a good strategy to take us on next Monday. I'm sure you will here Kalgrens voice that whole game. Lol. 3. Are you afraid the bye week could hurt your team’s momentum going into this series against Blue? I don't think the bye will hurt us. We all seem to know our roles and play really well together. There have been a couple games that other teams scored on us early, and we had to come from behind to gain the win. We are all very level headed players and encourage each other on and off the rink. 4. Team Blue was able to defeat team Gold in the final game Monday night. What kind of game were you expecting to see? I knew it was going to be a very hard fought game. I was talking with Kline and actually took Gold to win that game going off of the game I saw them play earlier. I think a couple of bad bounces and possibly them being tired from playing at the 6 o'clock game may have played a part in there loss. Overall, all the games that night were great to watch, and I myself picked up a few pointers on watching some key players. 5. What kind of series are you expecting from team Blue? I hope that we can keep our winning streak going. I know we have fought very hard and worked really well to get us to where we are now. With that being said, I know it also puts a Target on us for teams to play even harder to give us our first loss. I know that when the other teams step up their game, we always step up ours as well. I do want to say congratulations to all the teams this winter league and good luck to the ones moving forward.

Jeremy Lee (Blue)

1. 8 to 5 win tonight over Gold. What can you say about the team effort in the win? The effort was good at both ends of the court. We did a better job of eliminating the odd man rushes this time around and capitalized on more scoring opportunities. 2. The team jumped ahead and never looked back. How important did you think it was to score the first goal or two? It’s always nice to get the first goal or two. I think it helps everyone get into a rhythm and settle into the flow of the game. 3. A 7 to 2 lead got down to 7 to 5 with plenty of time left. Were you getting nervous at all? I wasn’t getting too nervous I let a couple guys in I probably shouldn’t have. But the guys in front of me tighten down and picked me up on defense. 4. Did you think the defense was more disciplined? Yeah I think the defense played a little more conservative as to not give up as many odd man rushes and to take away the long stretch passes. 5. Team Gray hasnt lost yet. You looking forward to this upcoming series with them? I am definitely looking forward to playing them again. They have a good core group of guys who compliment each other well. They also handed us our biggest losses of the season.

Curtis Johnson (Lime)

1. One win, one loss tonight. Hows your body feeling? My body isn't as sore as I thought it would be. 2. Were you surprised to hold the aqua blue team to one goal? I was we played a very good first game today it was probably the best game we played all season 3. A close game against black got away. You think fatigue got the best of you? Most definitely fatigue killed us it always sucks playing back to back games. 4. You will find yourself on a different team this summer. Any expectations for your team? I don't really know yet itll be fun playing with a couple of the guys that I haven't played with before. 5. Any positives to take out of the winter league season? Its always a learning experience for fall and winter leagues and I learned alot of what not to do and what to do.


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