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Adam McKinley/Denny Stinchcomb

Denny Stinchcomb (Red)

1. Tough 7-6 loss to team Black last night. What can you say about the team effort? We started off a little shaky going down 3-1 but I thought after that we played a pretty good game. 2. What do you think made the difference in the game for those guys? They moved the ball well, especially when they got it down by our net 3. You will have to win 2 games next Monday night, starting with team Gold. What kind of game are you expecting from them? I am expecting a close game, we stuck with them last time 4. What positives can you take out of this team’s regular season? We've had our ups and downs but a guy who has really impressed me in his development is Jacob 5. Renegades will have a little bit of a new look this year. What kind of additions do you think Eric Llewellyn and Gus Gates will be for you guys? The Renegades are very excited to have added these guys and with the losses of Joe, Ben and Pat a void has certainly been filled

Adam McKinley (Lime Green)

1. With last night’s loss, your team finished last in the regular season standings. What positives can you take out of the regular season? As far as big positives, it was a chance to play with couple new guys and I got to see a ton of shots. All too often, I got to see a lot of those shots go in the back of the net. 2. You will need to beat Aqua Blue and Team Black in back to back games Monday night to advance to the best of 3 playoff series. Are you looking forward to the opportunity? Absolutely! I think we have the league right where we want them. Looking forward to next monday! 3. What was your impression of team white after facing them last night? They're a good team. They work well together and get a lot of bounces. The whole team knows their position and where to go on the court. 4. What can you say about your team’s effort in the loss? We played a lot of offense. 5. The Yeti have added a couple big names this offseason. What kind of expectations do you have going into the season? Big expectations this season! The 2 players we added will add a huge offensive presence for us. Two years ago when Yeti was formed, we had no expectations, other than being spoilers and having fun. We ended the season better than we hoped. Last year we expected a better outcome but it didn't happen. This season, our expectations are quite a bit higher


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