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Regular Season Concludes

Luke McMinn (Gold)

1. 10 to 7 win last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win? We won because of the team effort. You can’t replace a player like Cody, so we all had to do a little extra to win and we did that. #CobraKaiFallLeague2019 2. The 3rd period went your way. What do you think you guys did better in that 3rd period? We just kept grinding and winning loose balls and Llew was on fire. Jim gave us a couple nice saves. Towards the end, we were able to limit Brandon’s space. #CobraKaiFallLeague2019 3. You will have to win 2 games next Monday to advance. How do you think you guys match up with the Red team? We played them pretty tight last game. As long as we can limit Kevin and Denny’s opportunities, we’ll give ourselves a good chance to win. #CobraKaiFallLeague2019 4. Do you think you have fit in well with this group of guys since you came back? I do yes. I’ve played with David a lot so we kinda know what one another is gonna do. Actually never played with Llew over the years as much as we’ve talked about it and Cody I think only once. It’s a fun group to play with. #CobraKaiFallLeague2019 5. You have been recruited to play this summer. What made you decide to come back? Brian Anderson peer pressured me this time. Gotta watch out for those Anderson Bros, they’re rascals! I really wasn’t planning on it. I only talked briefly with Llew if they were gonna keep the Hooligans together and David if he needed a replacement on the Xtreme (still an awful team name tho), so I was just going to use the summer to cut some weight and transition to inlines. Ultimately, I went with the first team that messaged me and really liked the group they had in place. #CobraKaiFallLeague2019

Clint Lingenfelter (Black)

1. 7-6 win last night over Red. What can you say about the overall team effort? It was great! The first half of the game we dominated...but I think we started getting a little caresome in the 2nd half of the game 2. Did you think there was a play or plays that turned the momentum in your favor? No. Just shut the door in the last 10 minutes won us the game 3. Your team appears to have bounced back after losing 13-2 to white. What do you think the team has done differently these last 2 games? Just played a smarter style of play. Not giving up too many odd man chances and capitalizing on our scoring opportunities 4. You will have to beat Gold, Red or Lime Green to advance to a best of 3 series against White. How do you think you guys match up against those teams you may have to play on Monday? I think all three teams are gonna be tough either way. This has been one of the most even leagues I've played on for a long time. Makes every game fun to watch. 5. Xtreme are back. Your team had its ups and downs last year. Do you think the team can have a bounce back season this year? Absolutely! I had an off year and we were missing Dave for pretty much the whole season. If we have a healthy squad come summer, I think we'll be just fine!

Brandon Reiter (Royal Blue)

1. Tough 10-7 loss to gold last night. Any positives to take out of the game? I think we had a very strong start. But we didn't keep that momentum going for long and made it pretty easy for them. 2. The 3rd period really got away quick. What do you think went wrong? Too many turnovers, lack of defense. 3. 2 losses in a row going into an elimination game next Monday. Is your confidence in the team shaken at all? Not really, most teams this winter league are capable of winning any given night. We do have to play smarter or it will be a quick out for us. 4. The team will either face Aqua, Gold or Red Monday night. How do you think your team matches up against any of them? I think we match up well, won't mind playing any of them. 5. You will be playing for the Yeti this season. What made you want to join up with them over some of the other teams that probably approached you over the offseason? They have goaltending, they have defense, they need some more offense. Hopefully I can help with that.

Gus Gates (Aqua)

1. Tough 4-3 loss to team grey last night. What can you say about the team effort in the loss? I thought the team effort was pretty good. We really rebounded from the horrendous game the previous week. I was impressed with our cycle game and the shots we got on net. Their goalie made some really big stops. 2. Team grey had not lost going into last night’s game. Did you guys approach the game any different knowing they hadn’t lost a game yet? We didn't even think twice about Grey's record - we knew that we had to try and take Bob out of the play and that would really limit their chances. I thought we did a good job of limiting a lot of their opportunities and Herm made some big saves for us. I thought the difference maker in the game was their goalie - he made a lot of big saves for them all game and kept them in it. 3. What positives can you take out of the regular season? Biggest thing to take out of the regular season is knowing that we do have the ability to beat a good team, but we need the entire team to be on their A game and commit to the plan 4. Your team will need to beat Lime Green and Royal Blue to get a shot at moving on to the semifinals. What kind of expectations do you have for next Monday? I think next week's game against Lime Green will be a good one - always tough with Adam in net. The first time we played them this season it was a really good game all around. I have to be in Mt. Union for audit work next Monday, so hoping I can make it to the game in time lol. Maybe our team can hook me up with a jet? 5. You and Eric Llewellyn have joined up with the defending champion Renegades. Are you looking forward to the challenge of trying to help the team defend last years championship without their finals MVP on the roster this year? I am looking forward to summer and the challenge in general - I have heard there will be some good teams in the summer so looking forward to those games. I've only ever played against Eric, so looking forward to developing some chemistry with him.


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