• Summer Anderson

Lime Green Wins 4-3

Adam McKinley (Lime Green)

1. Hard fought win last night over Red. What can you say about the team effort in the last second win? Yeah it was a great game. Both teams had good chances and both goalies were up to the task. The last 2 1/2 minutes couldn't have been scripted any better. Our team time out came at the perfect time and everything just clicked. The team came together to get the win! 2. Take us thru what happened on that final goal? I didn't really get a good look from my end. I just saw that last shot hit the back of the net. 3. Chad is back in the lineup now. What does a guy like him do for this particular group of guys? It was nice to finally have Chad. He brings a lot wisdom and defensive presence to the team. He can help direct and coach the younger guys on the team. 4. The game was low scoring. Do any saves you made stand out? 2 breakaways and a couple partial breakaways, along with the many other opportunities from Kevin Smith. I was able to step up and lucky enough to come out on top of those chances. That's always satisfying to stop a player of his caliber. There was one save where I had slid to my right and the ball went back to other side in the crease, which gave an open chance for the other team. I was able to get my stick back and block the shot. 5. Last week was a tough week losing 12-2, but you were missing some important guys. How discouraging was it to see an opponent score 12 goals on you (rarely happens)? Yeah it's rare for sure. I wasn't discouraged at all. That game became comical by the end. Games like that just need to be laughed off and forgotten. It was just an off night and as we saw, it was not a good night for goalies. Not having Derick and Chad definitely didn't help.


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