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Brian Anderson (Blue)

1. Your team fell 7-6 in a shootout to team black Monday. Despite that, you guys sit in 3rd place alone. Do you like the way your team is coming along at this point in the season? It was definitely disappointing we didn’t win last night. We were only able to score one goal when we had a one man advantage for 4 minutes. I thought that was our chance to put some distance in the score. To answer your question, I thought we have played much better the last 2 weeks even though last weeks win came against a team missing 2 of their best players. I thought we played well enough to win last night against a very good team so that’s a good sign going forward.

2. You have been used to playing a certain role and playing with set players. Do you feel like you have found your niche with team blue and have enjoyed playing with new players? I knew it was going to be a change for me but this team definitely has some talent. A team with Brandon Reiter and Steve Kalgren gives us a realistic chance to win every night. Last night was definitely the best game I have had with this team. Brandon made a nice pass to me on one of the goals I had and I made a couple passes to Rooster in front of the net earlier in the game. He is definitely always in the right spot. Despite the loss last night, I feel like we played one of our better games as a team.

3. Team Black has taken on a new dynamic with the addition of Ben Rossi. Were you impressed with their play last night? They are definitely fast and they have some pretty good chemistry too. Andy and Ben Rossi had a good connection going. Luckily, Jeremy Lee was there to bail us out on some of their high quality shots they set up. They will definitely be a team to reckon with if they can get everyone to show up and willing to sub in and out accordingly.

4. The computer base drafting produced three overtime games and a buzzer beating regulation win for Lime Green Monday. Do you think the teams are evenly matched and do you like the format of this league versus the captain based drafts? If every team gets their core players to show up, I think we will see a lot more of these type of games. Going forward, I would like to do one human draft and one computer draft every year. They both provide a different element to the leagues and I really like what the computer draft has done so far. Just look at last night’s games. I think the human draft got a little stale so it was nice changing it up this winter.

5. The XHL season is right around the corner. Do you anticipate any big changes coming for the summer season? Its hard to tell right now because I really don’t know who is playing for who and who is playing in general. I cant imagine we will do anything substantial from last year. I would really like to have 2 divisions to give the younger and newer players a chance to play on a more even playing field, but its hard to tell how many teams we will have now. I still like the idea of a mini tournament to decide the last playoff spot. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Bob Anderson (Gray)

1. Hard fought overtime win last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win?

Hard fought indeed! After a bit of a slow start, we put together a solid team effort to come back and pull it out. I like that we didn't quit fighting after we got down and kept pushing at the end to tie it up and force overtime. Everyone contributed in their own way which is how you win games.

2. You found yourself down by a goal with less than 10 seconds to go. What was going thru your mind before the team tied the game with 4 seconds to go?

At that point in the game it's just desperation mode. You are just hoping to get one last shot on goal. We were fortunate to get one last opportunity. I was skating down the wing with the ball and knew time was winding down. Phil Pompeii never gave up on the play and streaked down the slot. There was a lane available to get him the ball and he put a nice shot on net to tie it up with 4 seconds left.

3. This game went back and forth the whole way. What do you think made the difference in being able to pick up the overtime win?

I think we showed that we are a resilient team last night. We fell behind 3-0 fairly early in that game. The momentum was definitely on their side. But we were able to chip away at that margin. Joe scored a really nice goal to retake the lead with about 3 minutes to go in the game. We kept pushing to the final horn and were able to force overtime and Mike made a great individual play in overtime to get the winner.

4. Josh subbed in for Rob last night. How did you think he played in his fill in role?

I always enjoy playing with and against Josh. He has a great demeanor as a goalie to not get down after giving up a goal. He did a great job of putting those first few goals behind him and really played solid for us. If he didn't play well, we wouldn't have had a chance to win a game against a really solid group.

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5. Last nights games all went down to the wire. After 6 weeks, what can you say about the way the draft turned out?

Amick was really sweating out this draft system. There was a lot of pressure on him to make sure it didn't fall flat. Last night's games show that wasn't the case! I don't know if I can ever remember all four games being decided by a goal, and three of those ended after regulation. That's great for everyone involved. Very few people enjoy blowouts, regardless of which end of the scoreboard you are on. The more balanced the teams, the better for everyone! Great job Amick!

Gus Gates (Aqua Blue)

1. 10-9 win last night over Gold. What did you think of the team effort in the win? I thought the team gave a solid effort last night. I think everyone got caught skating tired at some times,but Herm kept us in the game with some big saves and allowed us to push for that comeback in the 3rd. 2. Lots of goals for both teams. Do you like playing in those kind of games? I do enjoy a high scoring game from time to time, but I hope in the future we can lock down our defensive game and not allow 9 goals. We had issues getting the ball out of our zone last night, but I was glad we were able to score some goals. Should be a good confidence boost for next week. 3. What do you think made the difference to help you guys pull out the win? I think John Matchock played really well last night, and that helped us pull out the win. He had 2 goals and some beautiful passes and really contributed to the office even though he plays defense 4. Take us thru the overtime goal for your team? In OT, Match made a nice move to the forehand and was tripped, so we got a powerplay out of it. We had good puck posession and a few good shots, but weren't able to get any through until the end. When I saw the clock hit 20 seconds, I figured I'd take one full rush up and either shoot or try to set Match up for a one-timer. Glad we were able to pull out the win. 5. Do you want to try to play in the league this summer? Yes, I believe I will be playing in the summer league. Derrian Matchock has been trying to recruit me for his team, but I think i'm going to hold out until I get a max contract this summer like Auston Matthews lol

Chuck Ritzie (Gold)

1. Tough 10-9 loss last night. What can you say about the team effort in the loss? Team effort was the best yet I had a lot of fun in the 10-9 loss. 2. Did you think there was a play or plays that turned the game in their favor? . No play turned it in their favor in my eyes 3. The team scored 9 goals. How do you think team chemistry looks right now? Great chemistry finally came around 4. Do you think you have found a good role on this team? I believe so but every week is different 5. You have been playing in Reynoldsville for a little while now. Whats it been like and do you want to play this summer? It’s been awesome and I hope to keep playing

Dave Glass (Future Clearfield County Commissioner)

1. You got to ref a couple of overtime/shootout games last night. As a ref, are those the kind of games you like to officiate more than the blowouts? absolutely! Refs don’t root for specific teams, but we definitely want an interesting game. Nothing good comes of a 12-0’s easy to lose focus, and there’s much more likely to be ‘frustration’ penalties in a blowout. I’m loving how competitive the winter league is! 2. What did you observe from officiating 2 of last nights games? My takeaways from last night...well, As usual any team with Bob is very very hard to beat. Gray got down 3-0 early to white but I’ve watched Bob work for a couple years now...three goals isn’t safe. White has a really tough squad, lots of depth, could have easily beat Gray last night. 3. Being a ref is a thankless job, as you pointed out on one of your facebook posts yesterday. You got any words of advice for any new refs, whether its xhl hockey, little league or high school basketball? I think the most important thing is to control the game. You’re not out there to be popular, you’re out there to enforce the rules. You’ll make (and miss) calls that will upset players, but if you lose control of the game it can snowball in a big hurry. Don’t be afraid to make a call, and don’t be afraid to stand up for your decision. 4. The Randy Carlson Tournament this year was a high success. What was your take on what went down that day? I was absolutely blown away by the Carlson this year- $5000 raised! What an effort by all involved, especially Bob and Summer for organizing and promoting it. The hockey was great as well-tons of skill on display, competitive games, but by and large extremely clean play. A shining moment for our league and our area. 5. You are running for Clearfield County Commissioner. What exactly made you want to run and what do you hope to do if you are able to come out with a win? Oh boy- mixing politics and sports can be dicey! This will sound a bit corny but it’s 100% true- the only reason I’m running is to give back to the community, and to try to leave a better area for our kids and grandkids. I’ve been fortunate, I’ve enjoyed success in business, and I’ve served on the Clearfield school board in the past. This is another chance for me to try to help on a bit larger scale, if the voters see fit to elect me.Rather than bore everyone with a long ‘stump speech’, I’ll direct anyone interested to my campaign website, There, you can find out about the issues that matter to me.I will add one thing: if elected, I really want to get a ‘sport court’ hockey rink built somewhere in Clearfield County. Our kids need options to keep them out of trouble and I love what hockey does for youth.Dave Glass for Clearfield County Commissioner – Common Sense Leadership with IntegrityCommon Sense Leadership With Integrity Dave Glass has the experience necessary to lead Clearfield County into the next decade. My Overall Philosophy I believe in a system of factual research – discussion – decision. I believe county residents want commissioners who will listen to their concerns,

Cling Lingenfelter (Black)

1. Hard fought shootout win last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win? Never quit. We kept getting either tied or within one goal and it seemed like each time they would get it right back. No one quit! Great come from behind win 2. You were able to stop 2 of the 3 shots in the shootout. What goes thru your head when someone is going toward you with only you being able to prevent the goal? Just focusing on the ball and the movements the player makes with their hands...tells you alot! But when u see someone like Brandon coming it's that much better. Just like a fire gets lit under ya and your ready to go! 3. The team was shorthanded for 4 minutes in the 3rd period. How do you think the team handled that sequence of being short handed for that long? I think we did great. They scored on the first one but I should've stopped it. After that, we just buckled down and killed the rest off.

4. The team picked up Ben Rossi. What does he bring to this team? I played with Ben like 5-6 years ago with the venom and he brings the same thing. Scoring, little bit of speed, but most of all just hockey smarts. He knows where to be to score goals. Gives Andy another player to setup, making our team more lethal at scoring than the previous games. 5. You and Jeremy Lee faced a lot of shots last night. Are there any goals you would like to take back and what can you say about the effort Jeremy Lee gave for his team? Probably the one that bounced off Jordan. Just crap luck but if I was a little more attentive I could've stopped it..And Jeremy played a great game on the other side. His positioning was very good last night which is why his posts were getting rubbed room to shoot. Definately the kind of game I enjoy playing, could've went either way

Josh Clontz (Red)

1. Tough loss last night to Green. Take us thru that final goal they scored to clinch the win? Well it almost seemed like time was standing still in the last couple of minutes. Probably because it was! But in reality I lost focus of the game. I was to concerned with what was going on with the clock and not paying attention to the play in front of me. Green pushed hard to force a turnover and Waltman made a nice shot. 2. You got to play 2 games last night and you have faced a lot of shots this winter. Were you happy with how you played last night considering you only gave up 10 goals in 2 games? I dont mind seeing alot of shots. I knew when the rosters got posted that I was going to be busy. It has been great for conditioning and I feel like it's making me a better player seeing all the different looks. As far as last night goes, I thought I played well for the most part 3. Last weeks game was tough, losing 16-4. Does a game like that mess with your confidence at all or do you just try to move onto the next game? Last week was certainly a bad night but I just put it behind me and stay positive, it was 16 things to learn from 4. 4 games left. What do you think the team needs to do to try to turn things around going into the playoffs? Consistently play to our potential! 5. Renegades appear to be coming back for a 2nd season, but Joe Spencer will not be a part of the team. Whats the Renegade roster looking like right now? We had a couple holes to fill but things are looking pretty good. We will definitely be back!



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