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Postgame Interviews from 2/4

Denny Stinchcomb (Maroon)

1. 16 to 4 loss last night. Any positives to take out of the loss? That was one of those games that is quickly in the rear view mirror- nothing worth dwelling on, but a few things to work on 2. No Kevin last night. What kind of game were you expecting once you knew he wasnt going to be there? Something similar to that 3. 5 weeks into winter league. What improvements are needed going forward? We need to have better control through the neutral zone and take a moment to make better decisions with the ball 4. You made it to the finals in the Randy Carlson tournament. How would you describe the overall tournament? The tournament was great, that was my first one and look forward to being involved next year 5. Will you be a part of the Renegades this summer? Absolutely

Steve Hetrick (Grey)

1. Nice 11-8 win over team Gold last night. What do you think made the difference in the win? Though we have a lot of defensive talent on our team... We also have some big play makers as well. That seem to know just when to turn up the heat and get things moving again. 2. Most of your games have been lower scoring. Were you surprised to see 19 goals in this game? Granted yes, the score was a bit higher than what we were used to. Even Bob mentioned that he wasn't comfortable with the score. I know I wasn't at my best this week and know that we are lacking another player due to an Injury and another one was sick last night as well. But we were still able to pull off another great win. 3. Did you think there was a play or sequence that turned the game in your favor? I know for a while there it was kind of back and forth, even though we held the lead throughout the game. A couple of Gold players were getting frustrated and giving up on plays, which is something our team doesn't really do. So we were able to capitalize on those plays. 4. Everyone on this team seems to be playing at a high level. Whats your overall take on the teams 5-0 start? We have really seemed to click with one another since game one. I know last night's game I was a bit out of rotation, and will need to correct some things there before next week's game. But overall, we have some amazing players on our team. And all seem to carry great talent to compliment one another. 5. What does a player like Bob do for yourself and the rest of the guys and girl on this team?

Bob is a great leader. He seems to have a way to get everyone actively involved in all aspects of the game. I know he carries a lot of weight on his shoulders, but seems to handle it well. And it's easier to get along with someone who doesn't know what an actual swear word is too. You can usually tell when he is frustrated tho and wants to say "fiddle sticks" lol. And that's just when you play harder and make good plays to take some pressure off of him.

Brandon Reiter (Blue)

1. Nice 12-2 win last night over Lime Green. What can you say about the overall team showing in the win? We needed a strong game after last weeks poor performance. I think for the most part we were ready to play to kind of redeem ourselves. Overall we had a solid game and the score looked good for us but there is still plenty for us to improve upon. 2. You led the way with your share of goals and assists last night. How confident are you going into the 2nd half of the winter league? I'm pretty confident. Maybe not Bob Anderson confident, but I feel pretty good. 3. The team did not look very good in last week’s 8-2 loss to team Grey. What do you think went wrong in that game? We got outplayed in every facet of the game. Grey is a very good team. They have the perfect balance of players in my opinion. They shut us down with their defense, they passed all over us, they out hustled us to the loose balls. Hopefully it was our worse game of the season and now it's behind us and we can learn from it. 4. No Derik Day for Lime Green and no Chad Walter. Do you prefer playing a team that has its best players on the court or do you like some weeks where you get a break from having to face them? Mostly I prefer playing against everything a team has to offer because it's a more satisfying win if you win. But I don't might catching a break every now and then. 5. The Lazers more than likely will all be going in different directions this summer, with you being the most attractive free agent out there. Has anyone approached you yet for this summer? Yes I have been approached but no decision yet.

John Matchock (Aqua Blue)

1. Tough 11-2 loss last night to Black. What went wrong? Too many things to mention. Me particularly, I played like ...a$$. Nothing could go right. 2. Was team black tougher than expected or do you think you guys just had a tough night? Combination. We just couldn’t get any chances. 3. Any positives to take out of this game? Hmmm. It wasn’t cold outside for a change. 4. 5 games in. What improvements are needed going forward? Play better in all areas. Just need to know each other’s role. I like to stay back and play defense. I was playing offense too much. 5. Another Randy Carlson tournament in the books. How would you compare this years to the ones in the past? They are always a good time. This one having some different guys to play against was nice. But in the end, we all had fun and raised some money for a good cause.

Curtis Johnson (Lime Green)

1. Tough 12-2 loss on Monday night. Any positives to take out of the game? That was a rough one for us. Going into the game u knew it was going to be a rough one. I thought we did well not giving up we were still trying to fight back even though we were down by a lot towards the end of the game. 2. The team was missing its top player in Derik Day. What can you say about the team effort with him not being there? Without having Derik we really dont have any defense. We tried to do our best on defense but in the end it wasn't good enough. 3. 5 games in. How do you think team chemistry has looked? I think our chemistry is good. A lot of us are starting to communicate more often. 4. You guys were only down 3-2 part way thru the 2nd period, then it got away in a big hurry. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? Long shifts is what killed us and our defense. We kept leaving Adam out to dry and against a good team like that they're gonna take advantage of it. 5. Any plans for playing on a team this summer? I haven't heard anything yet. I guess I'm gonna be looking for a new team this summer.

Joe Roush (Black)

1. Nice 11-2 win over Aqua Blue Monday night. What can you say about the team effort in the win? We played pretty well and kept possession of the ball for a better fraction of the game. Everyone did their part and seemed to look sharp despite adding a new face to the lineup. 2. The team wont have Steve Pompeii for a while, but picked up Ben Rossi. How do you think he fit in with the rest of the team on Monday night? Yeah, wishing Steve a speedy recovery and it'll be great to have him back when the time comes. But picking up Ben adds an interesting dynamic to our team. He seems to have a knack for always being in a scoring position. I remember playing with him years ago and he always seemed to be around the net in the dirty areas, despite being more of finesse type player, picking up rebounds. 3. Were you expecting to beat that good of a team by 9 goals? I never try to make too many expectations during these draft league games. Scores are generally tight and skill is pretty evenly distributed. I do believe they were missing some guys, so it probably would have been closer had they had a full squad. Not to mention Tim seemed to have an off night but I'm sure he'll bounce back just fine. 4. How do you think you have fit in with this team so far in your part time role? I really like playing with this group. It's too bad I miss every other game due to work (yay adulting). But everyone seems to know their role on the team 5. Are you going to try to play on a team this summer? Eh, probably not. I enjoy the draft leagues much more. But we'll see what happens.


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