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Summer Anderson

1. Record amount of money raised today. How did it feel to play such a big role in the success? Thank you for your kind words on the event. I love this tournament for so many reasons; one of them being that Bob and I get to run it together. I am honored that he wants my help for it, so to be involved in the way that I am has nothing to do with getting noticed, but getting to do something so special alongside my husband. I hope we get to do this together for a long time and share in the fond memories that we made along the way. 2. 5 squares instead of silent auction. Was that your idea? That was totally Bob’s idea about doing the squares versus the silent auction. We both agreed that something needs to be done differently, and we weighed our options but nothing really inspired us. Then Bob called me one day at work and said he had an idea for the Pens tickets. When he told me about it, I was like, “That’s an awesome idea.” I told my dad about it, and he immediately bought some squares. I am so happy it went over so well, and we are definitely going to do it again! 3. Tell us a little bit about the family the money was raised for today and what was their reaction when they found out how much was raised for them? We raised the money for Bentley Landis, a little two-year-old who was diagnosed with Leukemia in late 2018. His family is absolutely wonderful. Kali and Andrew are so grateful for everything, and they were also so involved with our tournament as soon as I asked them about being this year’s recipients. I am in awe of their strength during this time, but I can tell they have a strong family all around them. Kali’s sisters, grandma and friends donated beautiful baskets to our tournament and really aided in this year’s success as well. I am truly appreciative for all that they did to help me with the Chinese Auction. I can also tell you that Jon Dahrouge’s fiance, Chrissy, was also extremely touched by all the donations that were received for Jon as well. 4. Maddox Hyde recently lost his battle with cancer. As a mother of 2, how tough was it to hear that a young fellow like Maddox didnt make it to see life past 14? That’s a question that is unbearable to fathom. As a mom, the thought of losing a child is incomprehensible, no matter what the circumstances are. I wish I knew the right words to say to Kristi, Maddox’s mom, but I know that she is one strong woman who I truly admire. I have said to her before, “How do you do it?” With such strength she said, “you do what have you to and realize that you have to keep living.” They are in our thoughts every day, and I will continue to touch base with Maddox’s family just letting them know that he will always hold a special place in our hearts. 5. Brock Roy was there today. The league raised money on his behalf last year. Hows things been going for him since? Jeana, Brock and their family have been so supportive since they found out about our tournament last year. They also wanted to donate baskets to this year’s event (they donated two awesome ones), as well as their time in helping us work it. That morning, Brock and Jeana came down and immensely helped me with the Chinese Auction. They even got to watch some hockey too - which I was happy about. Brock is doing awesome. He is back in school, making great progress and living a relatively normal life once again. He will be receiving chemo for another two years, but he has come so far and it’s great to see him, and his family, so happy.

Pat Keller

1. Back on the court today. How are you feeling? Feeling sore a day later. I definitely can tell I’ve been away from the rink for awhile. 2. How do you think yourself and the team looked? Our team played solidly. We were in every game and we all had fun so overall we did well. 3. Do you miss playing on Monday nights at all? I absolutely miss playing. The competition and playing hockey are aspects I sure miss. My body on the other hand doesn’t miss it so much. 4. Lots of money raised today. What was it like playing in the event? It’s an honor playing in a tournament for such a great cause. The battle the benefactors are going through is humbling. I’m glad we are able to help them out in any way. 5. What have you been doing away from the xhl? I’ve just been working and hanging with the family which is getting larger every year it least with grandkids. Love spending as much time with them as possible.


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