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Mikael Wenden (Maroon)

1. Hard fought shootout loss last night. What can you say about the team effort? It was sour to lose by a shootout, but we played better as a team and I believe this group has the fighting spirit to challenge any opponent, so rest assure that we will go to work in every game irregardless of what is facing us. 2. The team had given up a lot of goals the last couple weeks. Did you think the defense looked any better tonight? The defense looked better and we supported each other better in this game compared to the prior two games. Although, it can always improve and we need to become consistent throughout the whole game, not only the first and the third period. 3. The game was back and forth most of the way. Did you think there was a play or sequence that could have turned the momentum in their favor? As mentioned above, I believe we were solid in two out of three periods. We lost the bearing in the second period and were punished by unfavorable bounces leading to a few goals against us. When we take charge of the circumstances we will become better in eliminating these s kind of unfortunate events. 4. Randy Carlson tournament on Saturday. Are you looking forward to the event and what kind of expectations do you have for your team? The Randy Tournament is new to me and I am not really sure what to expect. I would guess it will be a crowded day with lots of fast paced games, so it will be a challenge. Although, I will embrace the opportunity to play some hockey, have a good time with everyone involved and raise as much money as possible for the charity. 5. You got to go out west to watch the Penguins play a couple games. How would you describe the experience, in particular, hanging out a lot of guys associated with the XHL? It was a great time spent with a great group of people, so I enjoyed every moment of it. We had 5 Days of traveling, watching two penguins games and made some sightseeing, so all in all we made most of the hours we had down there (even though a couple of us preferred to hit the bed rather than adventure Vegas by night). The Golden Knights game was special due to the very loud and energized fans, and the show around the game but also due to a fantastic game by Fleury. I do not mention a lot about gambling and I dare say that we were controlled with regards to the subject. The closest I came to gambling was $20 spent on the 50/50 ticket at the Golden Knights game.

Tim Herman (Aqua Blue)

1. Hard fought 5-1 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? I think we struggled a bit without having Matchock there. That’s not an excuse though. I don’t think we’ve quite figured out how to play our “team game” yet. As for effort, I don’t think that was an issue. It was more execution and defensive breakdowns(and me not out-dueling Rob between the pipes). I need to keep us in the games against the premier goalies. 2. You only gave up 5 goals, but are there any you wish you could take back? I want them all back. Two were screens that I never saw but might have been off my angle. One was a bounce off the wall. One was a pretty pass across the crease. I’m forgetting the other one, but I want it back as well. 3. Do you think the team generated much offensive opportunities? I’m not sure that Rob was very busy until maybe the middle of the third period. We just couldn’t get set up or get shots through. And we didn’t take advantage when they were being aggressive. 4. Randy Carlson tournament this Saturday with 18 teams. Do you have any memorable moments from these tournaments and what are you expecting this time around? From a tournament standpoint, I remember several years where my teams seemed to surprise everyone in our bracket. A couple times we ended up with a high seed and a couple of wins in the tournament as a Cinderella team. While it’s not about winning, it’s nice to be competitive and to shock some of the stacked teams (like the Maniax entries before I played for them)Personally, I really appreciate the guys that were willing to include my buddy Ben on a team so that he can participate. I’ve played hockey with him since college(Penn State built two roller hockey courts while we were there). It’s nice to renew that 20 years later. As for what to expect, with this many teams, get there early and don’t plan to leave. It’s going to be crowded. With extra teams, and a lot of baskets, and more buzz in the community, I’m hoping to crush last years total. Is $3000 to much shoot for? 5. Computer Draft seems to be panning out so far. What has been your impression from the games you have seen so far this winter? well I slept through one week, so I don’t have as much perspective. I feel like the computer has done a pretty good job. Obviously when people don’t show up, it can impact the teams. But that happens With or without the computer. I wish we had gotten 9 goalies, but other than that I’m glad I voted for the computer draft

Jake Kline (White)

1. Nice win last night over Lime Green. How do you think the team looked in the win? The team look pretty good got lots of shots played decant defense still have some stuff to work on 2. On paper, your team appears to be one of the better teams. How do you think you are fitting in with them so far? I think I'm fitting in pretty good with them. Like I said b4 there are few things still need to work on 3. The biggest question mark for the team was probably Tyler Luzier considering he is still pretty new at Reynoldsville hockey. How do you think he has played so far? I think Tyler is underrated being he is new to not only the league but new to playing goalie all around. Yeah there is few things he can improve on but everyone can improve on stuff. All n all I feel Tyler is a good guy in the net. Plays and had fun 4. Computer draft system. You like that better than the human draft? I'd rather have human draft. 5. Your Randy Carlson team appears to be a favorite to win. What are your expectations for the event? Win or loose the Randy is for a good cause. We might be a great team but at then end of day as long as we have a good time and it's for a good cause that's all that matters. Hope we win it all though. But everyone wants to win so. Looking forward to it


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