• Summer Anderson

Peach -------- Green's Magic runs out

1. Your magic ran out tonight. What do you think went wrong in both games tonight? When you lose, there are always things that could have obviously gone better. We were on the wrong end of scoreboard tonight. Unfortunately it was all night. The White, errr, Black team played 2 incredible games, and for once we just couldn't claw back this time. 2. Your former teammate Vinnie had 5 goals in the 2nd game tonight. What can you say about his game when he played on your squad before? Vinnie was absolutely on fire. He's always had the talent and potential to do just what he did Monday. He's got a very potent shot and he let it all hang out when it mattered the most. Even though he helped stymie our run, I am humbled to see my former EHL/Hitmen alumni still finding success in the XHL. 3. What can you say about the effort your team gave in this fall league? I was incredibly happy with my team before I even left Luke's house on draft night. I knew we were going to be dangerous and shared my feelings with the guys in my opening group text. Every single person on the team played a role in the run we had. We won alot of close games this season, and they were all the result of hard work, and sometimes last-minute heroics. They were awesome, plain and simple, and I really enjoyed playing alongside all of them. 4. The team had to play catchup all series. What do you think led to the slow starts? It's hard to tell. Sometimes we just weren't ready, sometimes we underestimated our opponents, but those are just guesses. Had we not started slow this week the score would have been much closer. It bit us at the worst possible time, that much I know for sure. 5. The next league will be auto computer drafted. What is your take on that? I think it will be cool to try it even if only for one season. The teams will be completely random. It might be really fun, and it might be a complete disaster. If its the latter then we can just blame the computer.


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