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Vinnie Deloia (5 goals in game 3 against Green)

1. 5 goals in tonights deciding game 3. How does it feel to play a big role in the teams fall league championship ? Feels pretty good, everyone played a pretty big role tonight though and I just happened to get lucky with a couple in the third. 2. The team played double headers 3 weeks in a row. Hows your body feeling after all the hockey? It makes me feel like at some point I should probably exercise outside of Monday nights. 3. Going into the night, the team needed to beat an undefeated team twice. What were your expectations going into the night? We had some close games against them in both games we played previously, I think we knew it was going to be hard fought, but that we played well enough the previous two games that it wasn't over. 4. What can you say about the overall team effort throughout the entire fall league? I can't say enough everyone improved as a team and individually, also it helps that everyone was positive and friendly. 5. You had a couple rough years in the xhl. Do you hope to find yourself on a more competitive team this coming summer? Would definitely be nice to carry over some success to the summer league, but it's always fun in the summer regardless of wins.

Bob Anderson (Continuing his GM Magic)

1. 2 wins tonight to clinch the fall league championship. What can you say about the team effort throughout the season and in the playoffs?

It was a true team effort! I felt like we got better as a group as the season went on. Everyone found their niche to help the team as a whole. It was a pleasure to see everyone playing up to their potential. I was also proud that we didn't get discouraged after losing a couple of heart breakers in the first games of both playoff series. We were able to put those losses behind us and focus on the next game.

2. Green came back in game 1. What do you think the team did better tonight in preserving the lead in both games?

I think we showed a little more urgency and realized that no lead is safe. We were smart with the ball and did our best not to turn it over when they came at us hard with their pressure. We also did a better job of boxing players out in front of our own net and cleaning up rebounds. And of course it didn't hurt that Schick was locked in.

3. Vinnie and Jordan Tosh put up a lot of goals tonight. What made you draft those guys back in September and what were you expecting them to bring to the team?

I had never played with either guy before but was impressed with their individual talents from watching them as a referee during the XHL last summer. They play different types of games for sure, but I thought both guys could be solid players for us. They didn't disappoint. Vinnie was on fire last night. I think he scored 5 of our 7 goals in game three. He's such an easy going guy that I don't think he knew how good he can be. Last night should have been an awakening for him and the rest of the league. And Tosh is a good all around player and hustler. He can play both ends of the court well and is even a good face off guy. He seems to get better every season.

4. Todd gave up a few goals in the playoffs that he probably thought he should've prevented. What can you say about his effort tonight and in the previous series?

I think one of the most underrated qualities for a good goalie is their ability to forget about the last goal they gave up or even put a game behind them that they weren't satisfied with. Todd has that quality. I know we were all disappointed to blow a 4 goal lead in the third period of game one. But he and we didn't dwell on it. I think Todd is one of the best up-and-coming goalies in the league. He is going to be really good if he keeps going on the same track.

5. Team Green was undefeated going into tonight. Despite the losses tonight, what can you say about the showing they put on this fall?

I know it was disappointing for them to not get that last win, but they really had nothing to hang their heads about. They had one of the most impressive seasons in the fall/winter league history. They were one win away from going 14-0. That doesn't happen by accident. They had a good mix of guys who really played their roles well and Clint had a great individual season in net. They were also great sports whether they won or lost. Hats off to Peach and the boys for a great season!


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