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Playoff Hockey -------- 12/3

Todd Schickling (Team Anderson)

1. 2 hard fought games tonight. How are you feeling after all this hockey recently? I've play a boatload of hockey as of late. We had a 11 game Bigler season and I think my record was something like 16-5, figure that math out. I'm getting a little burned out so I'm going to be taking winter league off. Hopefully I can get things lined up so I will be available for summer if the Knights will have me back. I was extremely sore this morning after those two games for sure. I'll be glad to have a full 7 days of rest to comeback for a game 3 against a very talented White team. 2. Game 1 ended tough. How discouraging was it to give that one up?

Yeah that last goal was a combination of a great shot from Dave, and a lack of focus on the time from me. I didn't know that it was getting that close to the end of regulation or I would have come out more to cut off the angle. That goal was all on me. 3. The team fell behind in game 1 but fought back. What do you think the team did better in the 3rd period of game 1?

We had a new game

plan, and we executed it. Actually better than anticipated because the whole team took on certain key parts of it and did it well. 4. You bounced back in the 2nd game. Did you change your approach at all in the 2nd game?

I realized a few missteps that I personally did so I knew I had to make those adjustments. So, we combined that with a few adjustments on the skater side that lead us to get our own 1 goal victory. 5. Game 3 next monday. What kind of game do you expect?

I expect much of the same. A close game, and as a goalie we hope for a low scoring one.

Fred Terwilliger (Team Anderson)

1. 2 games of hockey last night. How did you feel after game 2? Felt fairly decent from playing 2 games. Feel a little sore from the tumble I took. At 46 years old you reach, absorb the bumps as well, you will not, hmmm? It's been commented on in the past that I may not go 100% but my role on the court has sort of shaped into reserving a bit for when it is absolutely crucial to step it up. 2. You were on the court the last stretch to help preserve the win in game 2. Do you like being on the court in the late stages with the game on the line or are you sometimes afraid of making a mistake that could cost the team the game? Being on the court to help preserve a lead ALWAYS comes with the risk of giving up said lead. That is always a fear. I gauge my game to that point... if I feel I've played a consistent game, I feel a little better about it. If my game has been sloppy, I tend to take myself out of that situation. Don't always have that choice though. 3. Dave Jewell snuck one by everyone with 5 seconds left in game 1. What do you think went wrong on that particular sequence? "Snuck" implies it was going slow.... it was the furthest thing from slow. I think everyone on the court had their minds set on overtime and Dave showed there were still a solid 5 seconds left to play. 4. Game 2 was very defensive minded. What do you think the team did better on defense in that 2nd game compared to the 1st game? Eliminating long shots was probably the biggest difference. 5. Game 3 Monday night plus game 1 of the finals if the team wins. What kind of game 3 are you expecting? I have a feeling that game 3 is not going to be a close game. I think it is a toss of the coin as to which team prevails... but I just have a feeling it is going to be a blowout.

Josh Clontz (Team Jewell)

1. 2 hard fought games. How are you feeling? Physically I feel good. It seems like every week I play out I am a little more comfortable and able to contribute a bit more. I am much more confident on skates and that was really what I was hoping to gain this season, scoring some goals has been a bonus. 2. They battled back to tie the game in the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? I think we got a little to complacent after going up by 3. I have not been around long but I know if you give a team Bob's on a chance they take it, and they did that a few times. 3. Dave snuck one by Todd at the end of game 1. As a goalie, how difficult can it be to stop one of those shots with all that traffic surrounding you? It's hard to stop what you cant see. If you have a lot of traffic in front of you, or a screen it does not help your chances but it's part of the game. As a goalie you just have to deal with traffic, focus on the shooter and try to be in the best position you can to hopefully stop a play. 4. What can you say about Robs effort in net tonight? I cannot say enough good about Robs effort. He stopped several odd man breaks and really kept us in both those games. The breakaway Bob had that Rob gloved really stands out, that was an amazing stop!!! But big saves aside, he is ALWAYS in position, so the shooters are looking for an opening that's not there and that gives the guys on D the extra time to make a play. 5. Low scoring, defensive game in game 2. Do you like playing in those kind of games better than the ones that get high scoring? I really enjoy close games, it keeps me on my toes knowing one mistake can be the difference in who wins or loses.

Mike Lehman (Team Peach)

1. 2 games of hockey tonight. What can you say about the team effort in each game? Well both teams played good. We all had our ups and downs but in the end we capitalized on more chances 2. Both games were tight. What do you think was the difference for you guys? Well it didn’t help that they only had 4 guys. And we keep playing better and better as a team every game so that helped us. 3. A lot of your games have been close. Do you think those close games better prepare you for playoff hockey? Yes and no. I’m not a huge fan of close games but it gives us more drive when we’re up or down by a goal or two. 4. Are you happy with the role you have had on this team? Yeah I mean I’m not one to toot my own horn but I like to think I’m a decent defenseman and I can skate up and help create scoring opportunities as well. 5. Black and White have to play game 3 before you see the winner in the finals. How do you think you guys match up with each of those teams? Well like you said most of our games have been pretty close so I think no mater who we play it’ll be a good series!


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