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Jinx is on/Shock is nature's best narcotic------- Steve Kalgren

1.Last time we interviewed you, you had toes. Whats life been like without them? Ha I didn't quite lose "toes". Half of one to be precise. And two toe nails. It's been another long recovery. This time I faced new challenges from what I had with other injuries. Such as my toe is now a barometer... 2. Tell us exactly what happened when you went from toes to no toes? Or don’t we really want to know? It was a gruesome sight. Imagine flipping the front of your shoe like a flip book, and in between the pages is ground beef...enough? However, "shock" turns out to be nature's best narcotic. I would say the first hour or so was relatively painless. 3. You have been back on the court as a ref the last month or so. Have you noticed any difference skating since the toe incident? Honestly, none. It actually feels better in a skate than in a shoe. 4. You will be making a return to the court Monday night to fill in for Brandon. Brandon and Andy have clicked pretty well all season since Brandon took your place. How would you compare your style of play to Brandon’s? I don't think you really can. Apples and corn beef hash. Or oranges or whatever. His size creates avenues of play I could only dream of. He has the stature of an NHL player while I have the stature of the Geico Gekko. Maroon will certainly have to make adjustments because of this. 5. Peach and company didn’t lose a game all fall, but a lot of their games were close. You will more than likely be playing ironman and you haven’t played for a while. With all that said, what do you think of your teams chances of upsetting Peach and Company Monday night? Undefeated??? Wow. Im not quite sure who the team even consists of, let alone an undefeated... ...has that ever happened in our league/winter league history? Sounds like the "jinx" is on!



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