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Fall League Playoff Hockey

Bob Anderson (Black#2 seed)

1. Your team was off last night, but learned its fate after the games last night. Word is that Jerred will be playing for team White as well as Rob Keith. What kind of series are you expecting from that team?

I think it's truly a 50-50 series. Both teams are solid, but it depends on which group has a better game overall. I would venture to say it will probably be a pretty low scoring series as well. When you have to meander through a defense led by Dave Jewell and Jerred Amick, and then beat a goalie like Rob Keith, it's safe to say there won't be many easy goals available.

2. Is there any concern of rust going into the series, in particular, with Todd Schickling considering he hasn’t played for nearly a month?

I do think there is some cause for concern from that standpoint, but I'm also confident in the group we have to shake it off and bring our best game. We played solid all season as a group and have found a winning formula. We need to stick to that to beat a good team.

3. Rob Keith is capable of taking games over and winning games single handedly. Do you approach games any differently when the other team has such a solid goalie?

Yes I think so. You've definitely got to be patient. Good goalies will make a lot of saves look easy, but you've still got to keep firing. You might have to work a little harder to try to bang in some ugly goals, get some rebounds, and create more traffic.

4. Last night’s playoff games provided some excitement. Do you still like the current fall and winter league playoff setup after watching last nights do or die games?

Definitely! I think it's one of the best parts of fall and winter leagues. It rewards teams for their regular season but gives everyone a chance to erase any disappointments from the season with a strong outing on one night.

5. You have led the way for your team but others have stepped up. How confident are you with your teammates if team white is able to keep you from scoring Monday?

Everyone has to step up in the playoffs and I think we have plenty of guys who are capable of filling the net. I'm confident that everyone will continue to contribute in their own way to make it a great series!

John Matchock (Red #8 seed)

1. 10 to 5 loss tonight. What went wrong? Same thing all season, turnovers and no defense. Can’t expect Rich to stop everything. 2. They were missing Joe. Did you guys feel like you had an edge going into the game? For many the first few minutes. They played as a team. They passed hit the open guy. We just just chased the ball all night. 3. This team never seemed to get on track. How discouraging was it for you and the rest of the team? Very. We never played a whole game as a team. Maybe a few minutes here or there. 4. They scored 5 goals in the 3rd period. You think the team wore down? Better not have. We had three subs, they had none. Same things that hurt us all season, hurt us again. 5. Any positives to take out of an 0-11 season? Got to play hockey and see everybody.

Jerred Amick (White - #3 seed)

1. Nice 8 to 4 win over lime green. What did you think made the difference for you guys tonight? Brian May. He played awesome for us and used that quick release to get it towards the net to catch luzier by surprise, more than once. He got goals for us when we really needed them and most of the time we were loosing the momentum. 2. You guys were ironman. How do you approach a game personally when you know you wont get a break until the intermission? You have to approach these games with conservation in mind. You can’t constantly forcheck and chase. Myself and Dave would always swap for each other when we needed a little break on D and it worked well. 3. Lime Green had momentum coming into the game with their win at 6 pm. Do you think them playing the extra game came back to give you guys an advantage? I don’t think it gave them any advantage with us being iron man. They had a whole crew. We just understood as a team exactly which players we need to swarm and shadow and it ended up executing quite well for us. As an iron man team, you definitely need to pick your battles and rushes since you only have so much energy 4. No matter what league it is, playoffs seem to bring out people's best. Do you find yourself playing at more competitive level once the playoffs arrive? Absolutely. This is where it gets competitive. During the regular season it’s just not worth it to lay down and block shots and to take higher risk plays. I would assume that like myself, most players have another gear for the competitiveness in the playoffs. 5. Team Anderson will be waiting for you next week. Will you be there and what kind of games do you expect from them in this series? Team Anderson is always a quick striking team especially with Bob to bring it up the court. Coming off this win, it’s going to give our team momentum and the confidence we need right now in the playoffs. If we can win iron man, there’s no reason we can’t beat team Anderson when we have additional subs. I can play for two more weeks.

Tim Herman (Maroon - #4 seed)

1. 10 to 7 win over orange. What do you think made the difference in the game? I think we played a great team game. We adjusted to how they hurt us during the regular season and didn’t push too hard. I got some lucky saves early to keep it tight in the first. And I think we wore them down. 2. How do you go about filling Chad Walter's void on the court? Well we’ve been missing a bunch of players all season. I think chad might only have played 3-4 games? So I think we’ve gotten better playing Iron Man as a team. 3. Orange had to play a game at 7. Do you think that gave you guys an edge going in? going into the game With us playing Iron Man and them having three subs, I did not think there would be a big advantage. But I think you could see that it may have by the second or third 4. Did you think there was a play that may have put the game in your favor? There was a goal in the second period Where and he literally took the face off at Center and went through everybody and scored. Brandon literally didn’t move. (Honorable mention...Cody got a break away early in the third that I was able to save. It might not have been as important right at that moment, but when they got with in two, that save looked a lot bigger). 5. Green hasnt lost yet. You will more than likely be ironman. How do you go about getting ready for their series? Well Since we haven’t done anything to get ready for any other games.... I’d say why change anything now. Lol Right now I’m just praying we can field a team.

DJ Beebe (Lime Green - #7 seed)

1. 2 games of hockey tonight. Hows your body feeling? Very out of shape and sore!! Conditioning is certainly needed and taking steps to make that happen!! 2. You pulled off a 6 to 5 win in game 1 tonight. What do you think helped you guys pull off the win? Grit and forechecking!!! Our forwards hounded them in the O zone almost all game!! 3. The 2nd game didnt go to plan. What do you think went wrong in that game? We spent ourselves in the first game, we had to in order to move on!! I know after the first period of the 2nd game I had no legs and felt very sloppy out there!! 4. What positives can you take out of the fall league? I’m back playing hockey even if it isn’t on the ice I’ll take it!!! Met a lot of great skaters and great people!! 5. Will you be playing winter league and how do you think your fall league team did considering most of you never played together before? If you guys will have me and my body holds out I’ll be playing!! I personally don’t think never playing together was the issue. It’s a team game and with the exception of a select few in the league that can take over a game it has to be played as such to be successful!!

Peach (Dark Green -- #1 Seed)

1. You learned your teams fate for next week. What can you say about team Maroon after last night’s win against Orange? Any team that has Andy or Brandon is tough. A team with Andy AND Brandon is just brutal. Andy's elusiveness paired with Brandon's size and dominance proved a lethal combination against Orange last night. They have a couple nice complimentary players capable of finishing, and Herm has been pretty sharp this season. I could see why they've been redhot as of late. 2. Word is that Brandon wont be there and there is discussion on what alternatives there are to make sure a series can still be played. What kind of series are you expecting if they are able to add Steve Kalgren to take Brandon’s place next Monday night? We'll see what happens Monday. The only game we played against them was Game 1 of the season and Steve still had all of his toes. That too was only decided by 1 goal. Steve brings a totally different dynamic than Brandon. He's quick, pesky, and can score. Either way, i expect some close games, and their top-2 need to be neutralized 3. Your team went undefeated in the regular season. Do you think that adds any more pressure to teams come playoff time? The regular season is behind us, so our goal now is to win 4 games. I think some teams may try to play a little harder or tempted take some more chances against us, and hopefully that plays in our favor. 4. All teams make fall/winter league playoffs, what did you think of the action that you saw last night and do you like the playoff setup? Its nice in a way because its really a short regular season. It doesn't leave much time to make up for a bad start or recover from losing key players for a few weeks. The format is somewhat fair, but i'd hate to be the 3rd place team and get ousted by the 8th place team in one game. Especially if it was the result of a scheduling conflict with a goalie or standout player. None of that happened last night though so..... 5. Clint has played very well in net for you guys all fall. Do you have any fear that he may be due for an off night? Absolutely not. Clint's on a mission, and we're his supporting cast right now. We wouldn't have went 10-0 if it weren't for him. We just need to be our best in front of him, he'll take care of the rest.


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