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Monday, 11-19

Zach Puhala (Green)

1. Crazy win last night over team white. How would you describe the team effort? The team effort was great. It was a pretty back and forth close game. Even when we were down, we were determined to get back into the game 2. The game was meaningless in terms of standings. Did you guys approach the game any different? Nope, we approached the game just like we have been doing all season. We knew white had a pretty solid team and it was going to be a good game. 3. They were without Jerred. What kind of game did you expect going in? I was expecting a pretty close game. I also figured since we only had 1 sub we would come out and play with a lot of energy then eventually get tired at the end. 4. No losses in 10 games. What do you think has been the difference for you guys in being able to win all these games? Everyone knowing their role and playing together has been the difference for us. We have a pretty well rounded team. We are getting goals from everyone and Clint has come up with some pretty big saves this season to keep us undefeated. 5. Any of the lower level teams you prefer to play or maybe hope to avoid in the 1st round?

I think we will be prepared to play any of the teams. Every team has talented players who you have to watch out for. That’s what makes fall league so exciting is anyone can win on any given night.

Denny Stinchcomb (Red)

1. Another tough night last night. Anything positive to take out of the loss and the fall league regular season? Losing is a part of the game but I guess that's what losers say lol 2. All teams make playoffs. With that said, with Joe not playing next monday, do you think you can find a way to beat team orange? Yeah, we just gotta get pucks on Jim 3. 15 goals against. What went wrong on defense? They just spun us in circles, quick transitions and we had no breakout 4. You have been on championship teams in both the winter and summer league teams. How discouraging has this league been? Not having Cory really set the tone for the season, and if I would've known sooner that he wouldn't play at all, I would've made a move to get a replacement, but oh well. 5. No cory, and rumor has match being out of control in Butler. How tough has it been being the team GM these last couple months? Tough isn't the word I'd choose to describe it, more like falling short of expectations. With Cory we would be a different team and I'm ok with how the season panned out

Rob Keith (White)

1. Tough final minute loss to team Green last night. What went wrong on those final 2 goals they had? We seemed to be pressing to get an insurance goal, and we didn't play well defensively. I was screened on the last two goals, too. I can't blame the D - they were trying to help me out. 2. Any goals you think you couldve-shouldve prevented? I should have stopped the five-hole goal, and the two-on-0 they had. I was in position, and I honestly don't understand how I didn't get that one. They also had a lucky break with the goal off of Dave's skate. And who expected Tyler Waltman to actually hit the net that many times in a single game??? 3. No Jerred. How do you think the team did trying to fill his void? Every player stepped up their game, and it was a genuine team effort. We had a bit of a collapse at the end, but overall it was fun to watch everyone step up and play beyond their abilities! Jerred is such a good puck possessor, though, and we could have used him late in the game to play some prevent defense. 4. Josh had a couple goals skating out for you guys. As a goalie, is it nice to get some time away from the net to skate out occassionally? Most of my career I've enjoyed splitting time between playing goal and playing defense, so yes - it allows a goalie to see the game from all perspectives. 5. Playoffs next week. A win will guarantee you a best of 3 against team Anderson in the semifinals. Will you be available to play at all and are you confident with your team going into the one game do or die game? I should be available, but my schedule has been rather crazy this fall, so who knows. I have had no expectations of any game this fall, and that seems to be working the best for me right now. If we play as well as we did last night and with a full roster, I think we have a good chance of moving on!

Mikael Wenden (Lime Green)

1. Hard fought loss tonight. How would you describe the team effort ? I think we made a good game and fought to create scoring chances, to bad it did not take us all the way. We also have a captain that fights for at least a couple of guys out there leading by example. 2. 10 games in. What's it been like playing in the league so far? Personally I like it a lot and it is fun being out there. I wish I could have contributed a bit more to the team though but at least I feel it slowly moves in right direction. 3. You are surrounded by a lot of new faces. You think the team has improved at all? It has definitely improved for every game and my hope is that we can take it yet another step until next game. 4. Tonights game was back and forth. Did you think there was a play that turned the game in their favor? It was back and forth and I think we gave them too much space a few times and got penalized for it. Orange have at the same time skilled players that can create space so it is hard to defend. 5. All teams get a playoff shot. You like the idea of all teams making playoffs? I like the set up, especially in draft leagues where there may be some teams that need a bit more time to come together.

Brian Anderson (Black)

1. Your team was able to secure a bye and avoid the play-in games next week with a win over Blue on Monday. Do you think that was an important goal to achieve or do you think your team may be rusty with an extra week off before playing? Obviously, it’s never a teams benefit to have to play a one game elimination game. Its kind of like the baseball wild card game in a way. You may have a championship caliber team but one bad night knocks you out of it for good. To answer your question, I would rather have the bye just because your team can lose a game in a best of 3 and still have a chance to win the series. The only bad thing is trying to find something to do this coming Monday night since we don’t have to play.

2. A 2-0 lead was erased pretty quickly by 2 goals from Dan Fatula to tie it up. It took Black a while to regain the lead. Were you nervous that the game may get away from you? Not really. We had some quality chances most of the game. I thought the team that scored the next goal may be the team to be in control, and that was us. Adam is the kind of goalie that can single handedly win a game, so I thought it was important to go up 3-2 rather than down 3-2. There is a reason why he has multiple xhl champinoships on his resume. Matchock did a very nice job once again of filling in for Todd. He made some really good saves to help us preserve the slim lead we had.

3. You didn't score any goals last night but have had your fair share of assists during this season. Have you found it harder to get open this season than in past leagues? Its been tougher for sure. Anytime we get 2 on 1 breaks, it seems like the oppositions have been playing the pass instead of the shot. Teams have been playing pretty well disciplined D around that net area which has made it tougher. I have been looking to pass more than shoot when that happens. As long as we are winning games, that’s really all that matters. Everyone on the team has contributed and played a nice role and that’s why we are sitting home next week instead of playing in a one game do or die game.

4. Dark Green also secured a bye next week. Of the teams playing, which one do you least want to face in the first round of the playoffs? Probably team Calvert mainly because they beat us pretty handily the first time we played them. I did hear that Chad may not be back though and that certainly will hurt their chances if he can’t play. Jerred wont be around which should help our chances if we have to play team Jewell, but any team with Dave Jewell and Rob Keith is a really tough matchup. I wouldn’t count Jeremy Lee’s team out but not having Joe next week will probably hurt their chances significantly. I feel like we can beat anyone if we play as well as we are capable of. But then again, if our opponents play as well as they are capable of, we probably wont win.

5. Team Black finished 8-2 on the regular season. After the draft in September, did you think your team would finish around that mark? In other words, do you think you overachieved or underachieved as a group? I really liked our team from the start, my only concern was not having that complimentary player to Bob. Most successful teams have a good 1-2 punch. I think we have had a lot of different guys stepping up each week. 4 of us have played together before so I think that gave us an advantage going into the season, even if our names aren’t as big as some of the other names in the xhl. We will definitely need to have different guys step up if we are going to win these next 2 rounds.


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