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11/5 Interviews

Dan Fatula

1. Team Green remains undefeated after tonights game. What was your overall impression of them? Green is a solid team with good skill players and excellent goaltending. They played a good, smart game on Monday.

2. A close game got away in the 3rd. What went wrong? We failed to capitalize on a few good chances and they were able to take advantage of our depleted defense. Steve played a great game but they opportunistically scored 4 of the 6 goals when he was on the bench.

3. What can you say about the team effort in the loss? Another good game for team blue. Adam played very well making many great saves. I feel like the young guys are finding their game and learning to play together. We have some momentum winning the last 3 of 4 and we'll be much stronger with Luke back in the mix.

4. Fall league gives a whole new look than the summer. How would you compare the two? I prefer the offseason leagues. Fall is much more laid back than summer and you can work on some skills rather than just trying to win. It's still competitive but guys aren't out to win at all cost like in the summer. I also like playing with different guys from one team to the next.

5. You have been known to score a lot of goals the last couple years. What's it been like playing at a high level in amongst growing competition? I love seeing the league become more competitive. We have some really talented players . I'm always looking to improve my game and the best way to do that is by playing against guys that are better than me.

Dave Glass

1. Nice 7 to 2 win tonight over lime green. How do you think the team looked with the fill lineup? When we have 7 or 8 skaters, I think we are as good as anyone in the league. It’s really nice to be able to go full-bore for 2-3 minutes and know you can line change anytime you want. When we can press the forecheck and know we have Dave, Jerred, and either goalie behind us...that’s when we are at our best. 2. You scored 2 goals in last weeks win. You feeling good about how you are fitting in with this team? Its a week to week thing. Last week it felt great to bang a couple home and actively contribute to a win. This week, honestly I felt very out of sync. But the team win is the most important thing, and I can’t imagine a better group of guys to play with. 3. Is it sometimes harder to find team identity when there are guys subbing in and out frequently? Well, no. I personally think having fresh legs is very important. BUT, I also think it’s important when you have a lot of subs to know your role. It’s easy to get jumbled around with the frequent line changes and miss your positioning. But we communicated well. 4. Only 2 goals allowed. How did you think the defense and goalie Rob Keith looked in net? Rob is Rob, he’s always good to great back there. I thought our defense was really solid for the first half of the game- once we got up 5-0, we definitely lost focus and he had to make quite a few stops for us. 5. Playoffs are soon approaching. You like where this team stands now? If we had this exact group available after Thanksgiving, I’d think we could be considered co-favorites with Black and Green. But, we are losing 1/3 of our team over the next few weeks- so I think the playoffs will be a real challenge. But that’s why we play the never know. We have Dave Jewell and two excellent goalies, that’s always a great way to start!

Brandon Reiter

1. Nice win over orange tonight. What do you think was the difference in the game? I think we were able to create a lot more opportunities tonight. We also had Chad this time around. He's a big part of our team and a reason we were able to generate more chances. 2. Team beat black last week and orange tonight. What do you think the team has done better these last 2 weeks? We are just continuing to build chemistry as a team and keep refining our overall game. We are making less mistakes, playing a more sound defensive game, and generating more quality scoring chances. 3. You came back in Steve Kalgrens absence. You happy with how you have played in his absence? I am pretty happy overall. I didn't feel like I was contributing enough offensively the first few games, but these last 2 games I have been able to turn it up. 4. Orange is led by Joe and Cody. How do you think you guys did trying to contain them? I think we did fine. Herman was solid in goal as well. 5. You got guys like Andy and Chad surrounding you. You think the team has enough depth to make a run in the playoffs? Yes I do

Vinnie Deloia

1. You got back on track with several goals to help the team get an 11 to 4 win. How confident are you with your own individual play? Definitely feels good to get a few after being off the scoreboard for a couple weeks. I am confident in my wrist shot, other than that I have a lot to work on.

2. The team lost 2 in a row. What do you think went wrong in those games? I think we struggled on both sides of the rink, we were losing a lot of battles and were guilty of some general laziness. Especially myself. 3. The 3rd period was the difference tonight. What did you think the team did better to put them away? I don't think we played a bad period tonight, we had some unfortunate bounces early and then gained that back in the 3rd with some good luck of our own 4. You havent played on Bob's team before. What's it been like being a big part of the teams success so far? It is awesome playing with Bob, and the team in general. I definitely enjoy being able to put some on the board, but the team makes it considerably easier than I am accustomed to. 5. The last couple summer leagues were tough for you. What made you want to sign up for fall league considering you hadnt played in one for a while? I enjoy that the games are usually pretty close and more competitive from a scoring standpoint. I just enjoy playing


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