• Summer Anderson

3 Interviews - 10/29

John Matchock

1. Tough 7 to 2 loss tonight. How do you think the team looked in the loss? I thought we played better. We still have too many defensive break downs. It’s a process. Hoping by the end, we can win a few. 2. The team had to pick some guys up with the losses of some players. How do you think some of the newer guys on the team have looked? We have some young kids. It’s a learning curve. Hopefully they are gaining some valuable experience. 3. Team Green is still unbeaten. You think they are the best team you have faced so far? I think so but with fall and winter leagues, everything is some what balanced. This season, Black and Maroon are tough as well. Makes every night exciting. 4. You are one of the senior citizens of the xhl. How do you feel physically as you continue to play at a high level year in and year out? I prefer veteran lol. One thing that sucks I’ve noticed, you miss a week, it’s takes longer to get back into the flow. The timing and stamina goes quickly. Been looking at motorized skates. 5. Rumor has you being an enforcer in Bigler. What's it been like playing in that league and how do you compare reynoldsville to these other leagues you play in? As you get older, your role changes. Lol. Reynoldsville is different for a number of reasons. Playing surface to bigger. Having stamina is a huge advantage. Talent is better in Reynoldsville I think. Playing in Johnstown for example, you would think talent and participation would be off the chart. Only 6 teams in the one league and the other league folded. Bigler has 4 teams but it’s kinda in the middle of the other leagues in relation to distance and people just don’t seem to want to make that trip. I like playing with the puck there. Something different. I enjoy Reynoldsville cause of the camaraderie. You can pretty much talk to everyone.

Peach Caltagarone

1. Nice 7 to 2 win tonight. What can you say about the team effort in the win? Every win has been a little different this year. This one was with the shortest bench we've had all season. Our defense was really solid early on and that's what ultimately led to the early goals, creating turnovers and capitalizing. We were smart in our own zone and put pressure in theirs. Everyone did their thing and did it well without wasting energy or making dumb plays. Couldn't ask for much more at 9:00. 2. Still undefeated. Did you expect the team to be playing this well these first 6 weeks? I expected to be competitive with the rest of the league. Of course I'd hoped to be where we are now, but I knew it wouldnt be easy. We only won a few of those games by 1 goal, and i think that's where Clint has really made his mark here, but we'll get to that at #4. I tried to draft a well balanced team that could play well at both ends. We're 7-0 now so I think I did OK. 3. You drafted Mike Lehman right off the bat. You think he has been well worth that first pick? Absolutely. The dude has the cheat codes for unlimited stamina, unlimited turbo, and unlimited ammo. The first time I played against the Renegades I saw first hand how he can take over a game and dominate both ends. He's been exactly as advertised. 4. How do you think Clint has looked in net so far? Clint has been remarkable! If he wasn't playing his best right now we'd be 4-3. I love the depth of our team and some of the skill, but Clint was our wildcard. That's if you want to call the 9th overall pick a wild card. He's just seeing the ball really well and coming up with big saves when we need them the most. You can't ask much more of a goalie 5. Team red was winless going into this game. Were you afraid the team could take them a little lightly? I don't like to take any team lightly. Especially a team that's starving for a W. I'm actually surprised they are winless. They have some speedy guys and some steady hands out there. I really hope they get one, i just didn't want it to be tonight.

Zach Smith

1. Back in action tonight. Were you happy with how you played? I missed the net too much and let joe block too many shots, but we won so I can't complain too much. Just got to be better next week. 2. How do you think the team looked in the win? We looked alright. It helps when you have jarred and dave on your team. They make every one look better even when you aren't playing very well like I was. Our goalie made some great saves to keep us in it while we were down by 2. We made the orange teams goalie look like an allstar with the way we were shooting though. 3. Do you think there was a play that turned the game in your favor or that made the difference in the game? I think the goalie coming out of the net with 40 seconds to play while we had the ball coming up the court was a good one that sealed the deal for us. Who knows if orange scores there. Joe was a beast all game and could of tied it up for them if we dont score there. I think we turned it up a notch in the final 10 minutes of the third and it resulted in us scoring 3 quick goals to take the lead. If we didnt get those 3 quick ones, I think we would be talking about a loss for white right now. 4. Team orange was missing cody. How do you think they played despite missing a guy like him tonight? They played great. Like I said, Joe is a game changer and he killed us the first two periods. The rest of them worked hard for loose balls while Joe set them up with his stick skills. If cody played tonight they would of probably scored a couple more goals and maybe came out with a win 5. Fall league is always laid back compared to summer. You like the idea of having draft leagues in the offseason leagues? I like it for the winter for sure. As for summer I can tell just by watching that its more of a watered down product compared to the summer league. The teams have crisper passes and you can tell that the guys playing have played with each other before. It may not be as balanced as the fall league, but it is a lot more fun to watch when you get two high powered teams going after one another in the summer league.



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