• Summer Anderson

3 Additional Interviews ------- 10/29

Tim Herman

1. Nice 9 to 5 win tonight. How do you think the team looked in the win? Good performance overall. That’s the most I’ve seen Brandon ripping the ball this year. We also had a good forecheck to pressure a lot of turnovers. 2. Last week was a tough one. What did the team do better tonight? well I played better. Think it helps when we aren’t playing out of a hole again and again. I think Brandon ripping a few slap shots helps open things up too. 3. The 2nd period went well. Did you think there was a play that turned the game in your favor? well I was able to put my contact back in properly for the second period. That was the difference maker for me. Lol. There were a couple of goals that were back breakers. There was one where we looked like the penguins passing before chad buried it... that one felt like it stung them. I think we attacked off of that and built. 4. An 8 to 2 game turned into an 8 to 5 game with plenty of time left. What did you talk about during the timeout? honestly. Normal stuff. Two men back, Don’t pinch deep. Don’t chase. Take away the pass to Bob. Always lean defense first. 5. You made some good saves to keep them from getting any life. Any saves stand out?

I remember two in the first period. Bob took a low slap shot from the point that I got down and leg pad out on... I’m sure he thought he had me. Another one I think Vinnie snapped and I leaned over to get a shoulder on. Now that I think about it, that might have been the third.

Jake Kline

1. It’s been a tough fall season for you guys. What positives can you take out of the first 6 games? Not to many positives that could take only winning 1 game so far. Guess could say that every game we do kinda put up a fight and keep it a close game 2. Only 1 goal for your team Monday night. Did you think you had some good quality scoring opportunities during the game? Yeah we got few decent shots but when Adam's in the net u need more than just a few. Only goal we even got he wasn't in the net he was beside it battling for the ball. Haha 3. How would you describe the overall team effort in Monday nights loss? Team effort guess u could say is decant. Could use alot of work tho 4. You drafted a lot of new guys and some young guys. Have you seen any progression in those guys from the first week to the present? Ya there r some improvements. But could work on alot 5. The Knights were one win away from a championship. Despite the loss, what was it like playing on that team this past summer? It was great playing on the young fast talented team. Those last games could of went our way just didn't tho. Nxt year is ours 6. You are celebrating a birthday. What are you going to do to celebrate it? I'm going to be playing in bigler for my birthday. Haha. Hope to get the win there

Jadon Stuart

1. Tough loss tonight. How do you think the team looked without cody tonight? It’s hard to be upset with the effort of our team tonight. 2. Do you think there was a play that turned the game in their favor? It was back and forth all night but they got a few bounces to go their way which ended up with them winning 3. What positives can you take out of the game? We played much better defense and got a lot of good chances. 4. You think this team can make a run in the playoffs with a full squad? With a full squad I feel like we can compete with anyone. 5. The knights were so close to a championship. How tough was it to lose in game 3 after having a 4 goal lead late in the 2nd period? It was heartbreaking to say the least. That was my last summer league for awhile since I’m moving to Florida in January. I wanted more than anything to go out on top but the renegades fought hard and deserved the win.


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