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10/22 ------ 2 additional interviews

Ryan Maxim

1. Nice 9-3 win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I think we played great, passing and having jake Kline on defense helps. 2. Do you think this is the best game the team has played this fall league season so far? I would say this wasn't our best game but it was pretty good 3. This is your first season of playing. Whats it been like so far? I like the league I am having lots of fun 4. You feeling more confident with how you are playing? I feel more confident scored 3 goals and 1 assist 5. The team had been struggling a bit. What does a win like last night do for team confidence going forward? That win definitely boosted our confidence and brought us closer as a team


Denny Stinchcomb

1. 9-3 loss to team Lime Green last night. What do you think went wrong in the loss? We didn't have any possession and they hustled 2. It’s been a bit of a tough fall after you celebrated a championship this summer. Has it been discouraging to you or some of the other guys on this team? There's moments of discouragement but I'm having a good time. 3. You drafted Cory but he hasn’t been able to make it to any games. How can you adjust to not having a guy like him on the floor for you guys? I would have to say that we have not adjusted to missing Cory; also, we've played most games with a depleted roster so that doesn't help either. 4. What positives can you take out of last night’s game and do you think there is hope to turn things around? Yeah there's always hope for turning things around, we just have to hustle and put the pressure on. A good bounce or 20 wouldn't hurt either. The biggest positive is that Johnny Match didn't come unglued and start throwing his weight around like he does in Bigler. Rumor has it he's a real enforcer down there. 5. As mentioned above, you were a part of a championship team this summer. What was it like playing in the league and to win a championship in your first season? Oh it was an absolute treat playing with the Renegades this summer, and I know once the season rolls around everyone will be gunning for us, which makes it that more exciting.

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