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Monday, 10-22

Mike Lehman

1. Big 3-2 win over a previous unbeaten team last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The team effort was good. Everyone played their part 2. Clint made several saves in net last night. What can you say about his effort last night? Clint played amazing. We probably would have lost if it wasn’t for him 3. This group of guys is a lot different than the group of guys you may be used to playing with. How do you think the team has looked in the 6 games you have played this fall league season? I like the team. We all play small roles in the games but so far it’s been working 4. Bob is obviously the primary guy to worry about when playing against his team. How do you think you guys did in trying to slow him down last night? I think we did pretty well slowing him down. I tried to stay with him in my defensive zone and have someone pressure him down in his zone. 5. You haven’t played in a fall league before. Has it been tough to adjust to it after playing in such a competitive summer season or have you enjoyed the little bit of a laid back atmosphere? I definitely like the laid back style of hockey. Everyone is just out there having a good time and that’s what it’s all about right?

Luke McMinn

1. Nice 5-3 win over Orange last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win? I’ve been very pleased with our effort since game 1 really. We’ve improved as a team each week and the scoreboard is starting to reflect that. 2. The game was tight throughout. Did you think there was a play or sequence that turned the game in your favor? There were many swing moments in the game. Joey was shredding our defense and had way too many quality scoring chances, but Doc and his posts found ways to stop him. We found ways to score at moments when we needed to keep the game out of reach. 3. The team has won 2 in a row. What do you think the team did better last night than the games you fell short in? We just kept sticking to the basics of the game better. 4. Offense was probably going to be the teams question mark all season. Did you think the team had some good offensive zone time last night? Yeah we gave ourselves plenty of scoring chances. Just have to improve our transition game a little. 5. You have been part of fall leagues before. Is it hard adjusting from a competitive summer league to a more laid back fall league or do you approach all games the same? At my age, I approach all games the same. I’m more in a coaching mode nowadays. My own skills have been steadily diminishing, so it’s become more of a joy to me to teach as much as I can.

Jerred Amick

1. Nice 9 to 4 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? It was pretty close most of the game and our effort in late game seemed to really come through. Everyone on our team worked for this one and despite the score, it was rather close. 2. The game was closer than the score indicated. What do you think the difference was? Everyone playing their proper role, with such a defensively minded team, I believe our cycling of positions was pretty key and important. 3. 9 goals this week after only 2 goals last week. Did you do anything different? The veterans of our team have played against Brandon and Andy for years and we definitely know how to handle them better at this point. We were really under siege for the first part of the game and needed to pull out of it with proper break outs. Once we were able to get the ball out of our zone and through the neutral zone properly, we were able to change the flow of the game using myself and Dave’s passing at the point to slow things down. Also since this is a small league, veteran players know how to beat herm: shoot low. He does well with long shots and must be beaten by inclose slot shots and deflections on the ground. 4. How do you think the team did trying to contain Andy and Brandon? They are both extremely dangerous players out there and every player on our team needs to know where exactly they are for us to succeed. We really gave them a little space outside and forced the long shots. Shawn and Dave did well with clogging the slot and middle up completely. We also know that Brandon and Andy won’t attempt to dangle past our best defensemen 1v1 so Clontz was instructed to prepare for longer shots and less dangles on him, and he did stellar for us. 5. You spent a full season on the colonials this summer. Despite falling short, what positives can you take out of the season ? I actually had a great time playing this past season. It was... a refreshing change. Coming from a team with almost no resiliency to probably the best resiliency in the league. Everyone on the colonials team believes in the team, and when we are behind, everyone is calm and composed. No discussions. No arguments. There were times I lost hope and figured we would lose, yet someone like Match or Brian pulls off a play/goal and immediately starts the comeback. It also really helps when you are passing to and receiving passes from the league MVP.

Mike Farcus

1. Tough 9 to 4 loss tonight. What do you think went wrong? I think we personally just got lazy nobody seemed to be playing 100%. 2. Did you think there was a sequence that turned the game in their favor? I don’t think anything in particular changed anything . I just think a few goals got in the net ahead of us and we started giving up. 3. Any positives to take out of the loss? We definitely still had some very good offensive plays and there where a lot of shots on net which is good. 4. You think fatigue played a part of the loss tonight? I definitely think we all where getting tired only with one sub not being able to really rotate or players evenly. 5. 9 goals allowed. What do you think the team needs to do better to limit opponents goals? We need to know where to be in our defensive box and allow each teammate to do there job. Talk to each other around the net more could help as well so everyone has an idea of what’s going on.

Clint Lingenfelter

1. The team remains unbeaten after tonights 3 to 2 win. What can you say about the teams effort in the win? I thought we played a great game. The fight is always there with everyone! 100% all the time 2. A 3-0 lead got down to a 3 to 2 lead with plenty of time left. What was going thru your mind at that point? Just stop the next one. I knew we couldn't let up or it'd get outta hand! 3. You made several big saves. Which ones stand out the most? Probably the glove on Bobbys slapper in the 2nd. Or the couple toe saves toward the end. Always feels good! 4. Did you expect to hold them to 2 goals? No. To be honest I was expecting a high scoring game. Goes to show u never know when it comes to hockey. 5. Like all goalies, You had some tough nights during the xhl season. What does a performance like this do for overall confidence? Just makes you feel good. That's the number one thing at being a goaltender. Doesn't matter how good or fast you are. If ur thinking right, it normally goes right.

Bob Anderson

1. Tough loss to Green tonight. What positives can you take out of the game going forward? Both teams played well. They definitely came out of the gate strong and took a 3-0 lead after the first period. But I felt that we had a large portion of the chances in the final two frames. We just couldn’t beat a hot goalie to get the tying tally. 2. They took an early 3 to 0 lead. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? The first shot was a laser by Mike Lehman from the point. We didn’t do anything wrong there it was just a really good shot. The second goal was a bit of a defensive breakdown. We didn’t get Rooster’s stick tied up. And the third shot was a bit flukey with it being a backhander from the wall. It found a hole. Despite being down early I didn’t mind the way we played that first period. We just needed to raise our compete level a bit playing against a good team. 3. The team had some chances throughout the night. Are there any saves he made that you thought had a chance of going in? Clint was definitely on his game tonight. There wasn’t a lot to shoot at out there but a couple of opportunities stand out. I had a breakaway with 3 minutes left that could have tied the game. I had a little too much time to think and didn’t make a very good move. But once again Clint came up big. He also had a really nice save in the last minute on Brian where he anticipated the play and got over to stop on a bang bang play. 4. Going in, what kind of game did you expect and did you think it would be so low scoring? . I was expecting a good game of course. They’re undefeated for a reason. I didn’t necessarily think it would be as low scoring as it turned out though. But those are the best kind of games to play in. Every shot matters 5. You put xhl together back in 2001. How does it feel to see hockey still going on in 2018 and seeing a lot of new faces coming aboard? I’m definitely proud of where we are now. There is a great deal of skill in the league and just a good group of guys in general. There is very little drama. I still love playing and can’t see that changing anytime soon so let’s keep it going!

Jeremy Lee

1. Tough 5-3 loss to team blue last night. What positives can you take out of the game? Not too much negative or positive it was a hard fought game both ways and they won a majority of the battles. 2. Did you think there was a play or sequence that may have turned the game in their favor? I don’t think there really was a sequence or play. They came to play. They outplayed and out hustled pretty much all night. 3. Only 3 goals, did you think the team had quality chances or did you think it was one of those defensive minded games? We had a lot of quality chances but Adam was there to stop them and if he didn’t the post did. 4. You have played in fall leagues before. Is it tough to adjust to fall league after playing in a competitive summer leagues? It’s a little bit of an easier transition. Fall league is a little more laid back and even in skill level. I enjoy getting the chance to play with new people. 5. The team really hasn’t had a full squad most of the season. Has team chemistry been an issue at all? I don’t think chemistry is a huge issue. We play a much smoother game when Cody is in the line up.

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