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Rich Wood

1. Tough 7 to 4 loss to team blue tonight. Are there any goals you wish you could take back? Yes , 6 of them were my fault I should have at least directed some of them to the corners 2. What positives can you take out of the loss? The guys in front of me are doing everything they can offensive and defensive wise , I just need to shore up my part and we will be good 3. The team has struggled to find ways to win. What do you think has gone wrong in some of these close losses? One thing is not having a full team , The is having different guys every game it’s hard to get that consistency with each other 4. You hadnt played fall league before. You like it better than the summer league? Yes I do it seems to be more evenly matched teams 5. You have showed a lot of improvement in net. You doing anything different than before?

.No , nothing different the pads that I have been using are getting broken in now playing for a few leagues now.

Jim Dennison

1. Tough loss to dark green last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? Yes Brian it was a tough and disappointing loss. Team effort is always top notch with the Orange team, last night no exception iron manning it. 2. Did you think there was a play or sequence that may have turned the game in their favor? Well I seem to have a trend going so far this Fall that I dont like by letting the first couple shots of the game get by me, (that certainly doesnt help) and in the 3rd the Green snuck two by me to kill our swing of momentum that we had picked up in the 2nd. 3. Are there any goals they scored that you wish you could take back? Yes indeed Brian (see answer 2.) and about 3 others. I will give the Green one but thats it. Still work in progress. 4. 5 games in. What do you think the team needs improvement in? Well I certainly leave myself some room for improvement and I think a full squad would be the iceing on the cake. With those 2 in mind I think we can win the Fall league. 5. You have a year of hockey under your belt now. You feeling any more confident in net?

I dont feel unconfident, Its just that there is 4 guys either trying to screen me so I cant see or trying to shoot the ball in the net behind me. HaHa. The nature of the goalies beast! I am really a nice guy but stay out of my crease.

Tyler Stitt

1. Nice win over the Lime Green team last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win?

The team effort was good. Everyone worked well together.

2. How do you think the teams core guys (Brandon and Andy) have looked together so far?

They have been working well together and have good chemistry with the rest of the team.

3. The game was tight most of the way. What do you think helped you guys pull away from them?

We just kept playing our game and having a sub helped.

4. Do you think you are fitting in well with the rest of the guys on this team?

Yes. Everyone seems to be working well together.

5. Xtreme had a bit of a tough season with injuries and absences mounting up as the season went on. What positives can you take out of being a part of the league this past season?

As usual I picked up a lot of tips from Joe and Dave and the league in general had a lot of close games and new talent.

Josh Clontz

1. Tough 10 to 2 loss to black tonight. What positives can you take out of the loss? We stayed positive throughout the game and didn't stop trying. 2. The game was scoreless after 1. What do you think went wrong the last 2 periods? We talked a little after the game and I'm still not sure what all went wrong, but I think personally fatigue played a part in it. 3. The team only scored 2 goals. Is offense a concern right now? I'm not concerned about that. When the score is 10-2 offense was not the only problem. I know several of those goals were all on me. But we are a good group and will move forward. 4. You and Rob are splitting time in net. How have you felt skating out so far? I prefer being in net, but skating out has been fun, I think its helpful to see things from a different angle. I keep threatening to skate in goal so playing out has been helping me get a little more confident on my wheels too. 5. Renegades brought home a championship in your rookie season. What was it like being a part of a championship team in your first season in the league? It's always great to be on a team with friends and it made it that much better that we won the championship. When Joe put the team together I knew we had a competitive team, but the league has several teams that are full of quality players. It was a fun and exciting season and I cant wait to try for the back to back!

Michael Bertoni

1. You find yourself on an undefeated team. What can you say about the first 5 weeks of this league so far? The first 5 weeks have been great for me! I have never been on a team that was undefeated 5-0 before. 2. Tonights game was tight most of the way. What do you think the difference was? It was a very tight game in the second period. The difference was we had a good defense and clint made some great saves. Also we just kept shooting the ball alot more. 3.Most of us dont know you that well. Tell us a little bit about your hockey background, your interests, etc? Im 22 years old studying Sports management at Clarion University and i live in Greensburg Pa. I played ice hockey when i was younger in junior high untill my freshman year in high school and this is my 2nd year ever playing roller hockey so its a bit different. I was a PIAA state diver in high school as well. I also love to hunt and fish 4. You and Tyler Waltman are good friends. What can you say about his style of play out there? Me and tyler are roomates at Clarion and ive known him for about 2 years. I enjoy playing with him and he a great player. He can really move the puck up in our zone and makes great shots. 5. 5 weeks left. What do you think the team needs improvement on? The only improvements we need is making better passes, better shots, and better offensive awareness, but overall i like my team.

Adam McKinley

1. The team got on track with a 7 to 4 win tonight. Were you happy with how yourself and the guys played? Yeah I was pretty happy with how the game went. There were a couple goals I would have liked to have back, but overall it was our best effort. 2. Dan was missing the last couple weeks. You think his presence gave the team a spark offensively tonight? Anytime you're missing an offensive minded player, it's going to be rough. Getting Dan back tonight definitely helped the cause. Everyone seemed to step up their game and play their part 3. The team scored 7 goals. What improvements in offense did you notice in the win? We were able to get our shots on net tonight when given the opprtunity. Guys were hitting their passes. Dan was always around net tryin disrupt the play and create a scoring chance. Tyer's speed was evident tonight and Pompeii was hitting the net with most of his shots. 4. The game was tight most of the way. What do you think was the turning point? When Denny had a great opportunity to make the score 5-5 and I stopped him on the empty net. We were able to score shortly after and go up 6-4. 5. League completed its 18th season in August. As a league original, what's it been like playing in the league for 18 seasons now? I can't believe it's been 18 years already! Time truly does fly. Just think, some of the guys in the league weren't even born yet when this started and I'm still playing! It's been great! The league has come a long way in 18 years. There's been ups and downs but I've never stopped having fun! I've seen a lot of guys come and go but the league keeps growing. I've been lucky enough to play with a lot of championship caliber teams. Played with and against many great players as well. It's been an absolute blast and I know it will continue. Players are getting better all the time and it's a great feeling knowing I can still compete at a high level. I'm having fun and my body feels good so I have no timetable for the big "R" word.



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