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September 26th ----- Interviews

Tim Herman

1. Hard fought game last night against the red team. What can you say about the overall team effort? I was proud of my team. I was off and let all kinds of inopportune goals in. They just kept plugging away. They also didn’t get down or frustrated when we were getting lots of opportunities but not lots of goals. But the biggest thing was how well we played iron man. Everybody made sure to conserve some energy and pick their spots. 2. No Steve Kalgren, but Brandon agreed to take his spot for the remainder of the league. How do you compare the two of them and how do you think Brandon has looked so far? While Steve and Brandon are both great players, they are so different. Kalgren comes across as a maniacal hustler. Brandon is quicker than you’s deceptive. And I am so thankful that I don’t have to face Brandon’s shot this season. Besides bringing the heat, that ball moves more from him then anybody else. 3. Last nights game was tight throughout. Do you think there was a play or sequence that turned the game in your favor? . I think us killing the power play in the third period was huge. Andy goes to the bench, and we managed to play it nearly perfect. I don’t remember what the score was at that time. I think we got a couple of quick ones after it was over. The added benefit may have been Andy getting two minutes of rest too. 4. What things do you think the team needs to improve on going forward and do you think the team has enough depth beyond Andy and Brandon to make a good run? I like our team speed and hustle, and having Brandon is an amazing complement to Andy. With our team having a lack of true defensemen, I think that commitment to defense will be the deciding factor in our overall success this season. If everybody thinks defense first just a little more, we can be tough the rest of the way. 5. Colonials bid for a 3 peat fell short in game 3 of the first round. What do you think went wrong for the team in that series? That was weeks ago. I’m lucky I remember playing. I think our team speed was exposed, and that was difficult to over come. We struggled playing against the man to man defense that they switched to. I played a great first game, but wasn’t as sharp the rest of the way. I don’t remember the stats, but I am pretty sure James stood on his head to Win the last game when we were attacking relentlessly in the third period.

Zach Foradori

1. Nice win over the Lime Green team last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Everyone played their part. There was a couple little hiccups but other than that we played solid. 2. The game was back and forth the whole way. Did you think there was a goal, play, or sequence that turned the game in your favor? I really don’t think there was anything that turned the tides in one direction. It was back and forth all game and time ran out before they could start anything else. 3. No Cody last night. How do you think the rest of you guys responded in his absence? We played smart without him. All the little things that Cody could make up for we couldn’t have this week and we can’t have next week either. There’s no replacing a guy like Cody.... except for Joe playing the whole game. 4. Were you happy with how you played individually? I thought I played okay. A couple bad defensive series and some dumb passes. But I was alright with how I played. 5. Only 3 games in. Do you like your teams chances going into the remaining 7 games? When we have everyone there we are gonna be hard to beat. No reason we shouldn’t be one of the top ranked teams.

Rob Keith

1. Hard fought, 4-3 loss last night. What can you say about the team effort in the loss? I think we ran out of gas. We weren't connecting on passes as well later in the game, and they put a lot of pressure on us. Overall, though, it was a good game! We needed a little more of a boost later in the game, and we just didn't have it. 2. You only gave up 4 goals. Are there any that you wish you could take back? Well, the ball-off-the-wall-land-in-the-crease is the most unrealistic scenario in hockey, but hey, that's Rollerdrome hockey! I also got bumped off balance right before the 3rd goal, so I'd like a review from Toronto on that one. I think I surprised Rooster with how far out of the net I play (top of the crease minimally), and he didn't expect to bump into me when he backed into position. 3. On the 4th and final goal, what do you think went wrong for your team during that sequence? It was a 2-on-1, we were tired, the D should have taken one of the options away, and he buried the shot right from behind the shinguards! 4. Opposing goalie Clint Lingenfelter only gave up 3 goals. Did you think the team was able to generate enough offensive opportunities throughout the game and how would you describe Clint’s play in net? Our offensive pressure was directly proportional to the amount of gas in the tank, catalyzed by the increase in pressure by the opposition (sorry, went all sciencey on that one). Plus Clint came up with some big key saves that could have kept our momentum going if they were goals 5. What positives can you take out of the loss and do you like the teams chances going forward? I didn't get taken out on a stretcher this time, and it was a close, intense, fun game! We'll have to find more efficient ways of dissipating the opponent's pressure, but the team remained pretty positive the whole time. It was a good effort, and we'll try again in a few weeks!

Zach Puhala ------- This was after week 2's win

1. The team has looked pretty strong these first 2 weeks. How would you describe the teams effort last night in the win? The team has been looking pretty good. I think the team effort last night was really good. We came out and played hard the entire time. 2. What do you think made the difference in last nights win? I think the difference was us staying fresh and continuing to put pressure on them. It seemed like we continued to put pressure on them the entire time and capitalized off the turnovers. 3. What are your expectations for this team going into the rest of the season? My expectations are to be one of the top teams going into playoffs. Everyone on the team seems to be playing pretty well with one another. I think our team has a chance to win it 4. Whats a guy like Mike Lehman bring to this team? It’s always nice to have a guy like Mike on the team. Someone who can bring the ball up and creating scoring chances out of nothing. Also having a player who can play defense and score is important to the team 5. You have been a part of the leagues for over a year now. Whats it been like so far? It’s been pretty fun. I’ve been on a winning team as well as one of the bottom teams in the league. No matter what it has always been a fun and friendly environment. I’ve finally found something to get excited about on Monday’s.



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