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9/17 Interviews

Joe Roush

1. You were back on the court last night, both as a ref and playing out in your game. How did it feel to be back? It was nice to get back to playing. Unfortunately due to work, I won't be able to play as much as I'd like though. Reffing prior games was probably a good idea as it got me a chance to get a feel for my skates again. Luckily, it's just like riding a bike. 2. How do you think you looked on the court and what kind of expectations do you have for your team in this league? I was able to get some shots off but wasn't putting them where I wanted. I remember two in particular I launched directly at the goalie's chest at a close range when I had plenty of room and time to shoot elsewhere. As from a team stand point we looked pretty subpar last night. We really struggled offensively but we were able to avoid the goose egg with 2 goals in the last few minutes. I thought our goalie looked good and really held his own. I dont think I've seen him play much before so I wasn't sure what to expect. 3. You were away from the XHL this summer. Did you try to follow it at all? I didn't pay much attention to be honest. I'd check in every now and then to see who was leading the standings and then to see who won the championship. It was cool to see a new team win it. Congratulations to those guys. 4. You had a tough experience in the winter league. Do you hope to be back playing on a routine basis now that you have had some time to get away from it? I really don't want to comment on that. It was more of a personal altercation I had with a team mate that took me away from it as you probably know and remember. Something I just didn't feel good about and felt it was better to avoid the situation all together 5. Were you able to keep in shape doing other things this summer? I didn't do much out of the ordinary. With not playing all summer I figured I'd get pretty gassed but the legs felt good for the most part


Steve Hetrick

1. 2 weeks in. How would you describe your teams effort in both games? We all play with a lot of heart, dedication and commitment to the team. Even in the two tough losses, we still hold our heads high and get better each week. 2. Do you think the team played better this week than last? I thought we did a great job this week. We all seemed to click in the first and second period. Team Maroon was able to find a groove and cruised by us in the third. 3. You have been back at the rink for a little while now. Do you feel like you are getting back in shape? I feel that my skating has improved tremendously, and I don't feel as tired as I did when I first started playing again. I feel like I have more endurance to keep me going. 4. You were away from the XHL for a long time. Whats it like being back? It's hard to imagine just how long it has been since I've been gone. I enjoy meeting up with old friends and making new ones as well along the way. Still a great group of guys back then and some great ones now as well 5. Rumor has you getting a job for the postal service. Is that true and if so, do you think you will like that better than truck driving? Yes I have been hired by the USPS and will be working out of the Saint Mary's office. I feel that I will enjoy this new career. And it will give me more time to actually have a life again... And to be able to play more Hockey.


Dave Glass

1. Back on the court last night. Hows your body feeling today? Not bad! I'm a bit sore, but I expected worse. Playing last winter -and skating all summer while reffing - definitely helps. I'm not really in game shape, but I'm way ahead of where I was at this point a year ago. 2. Only one game, but what kind of expectations do you have for your team? This is my kind of team. Any team with Dave Jewell is going to be pretty solid in their own end...add in Jerred, and you've got the makings of a shutdown blueline. We have two of the better goalies as well in tandem, and a rising young star in AJ. The two newer guys, Shawn and Brian, fit in very well with that group. Everyone seems to get along and do their job. We won't wow anyone with skill and stickhandling, but we won 5-2 and that's the sort of game I expect to see a lot. 3. What positives and negatives can you take out of the game? Only negative is that I'm old and slow!! Haha... lots of positives. We won, we played a solid puck-possession game, and the team seems to get along with each other. I mean, it's hockey, so that's a big positive right there! I really missed playing. 4. You have been at the rink for a little over a year now and you have played an important role in the leagues operations and officiating. Whats the overall experience been like so far? Overall it's been fantastic. We've had a few 'bumps in the road' but that happens everywhere. When you're the director of officiating, you're gonna tick some people off, that's the nature of the beast. But that's been a small part of it - by and large it's been a blast and I've met some great people. Looking forward to being part of it in some capacity for a long time. 5. The 2018 XHL season saw a lot of hard fought, close games, including the finals between the Knights and Renegades. What can you say about the effort both those teams gave this season and were you surprised the Renegades were able to win a championship in their first year in the xhl? From the first time I saw the Knights last spring, I knew they were much-improved. Jake and Shick were just what they needed to take their game to another level. As for the Renegades, from pure talent perspective Pat Hunter might be the most talented player we had in the league. Add in Lehman and guys like Denny - and Joe's ability to bring it all together - no, I wasn't really surprised that they were contenders. The most surprising thing to me was the parity overall...we had 9 teams and 6 were legitimate threats to win it all. But in the end, I felt the best teams were in the finals and you've gotta give the Renegades tons of credit. They were in a hole and overcame that adversity.


Fred Terwilliger

1. 10 to 9 win tonight over orange. What can you say about the team effort? Our team effort was ok. There are still some team mechanics that we have to figure out. This is always the case when you play with individuals with whom you haven't played in the past. We have some decent defensive talent on the team, just have to figure out who is going to step up on offense when there are a lot of defensive players out there. 2. The game went down to the end. Was that the kind of game you expected going in?. I really had no expectations. I saw it going either way. Frankly, I thought they probably played a little better of an overall game than we did. We just got lucky with one less going in. 3. 9 goals against. Is defense a concern? I'm personally not concerned with 9 goals against... I'm concerned with a +1 differential. However, to get that differential higher, a more focused defensive play will be a part. 4. Jordan and Vinnie have never played on your side before. How do you think they looked tonight? Both looked very good. Jordan is very good at the two-way play which is helpful as I'm not the most offensive player in the room when I'm by myself. Vinnie demonstrated that he likes to go top-shelf and with authority. 5. You had to miss some time this summer, including playoffs. Was it weird not being able to play and how does it feel to be back on the court? Not being able to play for a couple months was actually sort of nice but I'm really glad to be back exercising. I felt really good last week. Well rested and enthusiastic. I do feel like I lost a little stick strength, especially with longer passes. Better breathing seems to be helping my stamina as well.


Shawn Logan

1. Nice win tonight. What can you say about the team effort? Team effort is good all around through the first 2. 2. You think team chemistry looks good after 2 games? Our lineup boasts alot of solid defenseman which is helping our ability to cycle. I dont think we are giving up any any breakaways just the rare odd man rush. 3. What do you think made the difference in the game? My first instinct is to say clontz but I also witnessed alot of great defensive play. I think everybody contributed through the first 2 games so far. 4. What's it like playing with guys like Jerred and Dave Jewell? Its interesting because my first instinct has always been to stay at home because that used to always give my team the best chance to win. It's unusual to probably not even be in the top 2 best defenseman on the team but I've been crafting my offensive game this summer and it's fun to be playing more of a two way style. Its comforting because Dave and jerred are always where they should be. 5. Vikings had a tough year. How did your brockway summer league go for you? It was refreshing to play with alot of good friends I haven't really had that since the hot shots and wolf pack. I enjoyed switching teams every season and the challenges that come with it but I'm best fit for a complimentary role anymore. Vikings just need to stick with it we all had to pay our dues...


Brandon Reiter

1. Nice 8 to 2 win tonight. How did it feel to be back on the court tonight? Felt great overall. Had a little rust to shake off. 2. How do you think the overall team looked tonight? I think the team looked solid. I am excited to play with these guys. 3. You havent played with Andy before. What was your overall impression of his style of play tonight? Andy is one of the best in the league. He is a game changer for sure. 4. The Lazers had a tough season with some tough luck along the way. Would you consider it your most disappointing xhl season? No I don't. We had a lot of tough breaks and sometimes thats how it goes. 5. Chances are slim the lazers will return next season. With that said, you will probably be a popular free agent. Have you given any thought to next season yet? Yes I have, I will either be a free agent or might even look to start a team.


Matt Cole

1. You got a taste of Reynoldsville hockey last night. What was it like? It was great 2. Was the competition level better or worse than you expected? I was told it was more competitive than brockway so it was about what I expected 3. What positives and negatives can you take out of your team effort last night? We had no subs so I think we did pretty well considering the situation. 4. Most of us don't know you that well yet. Tell us a little bit about your hockey background, your interests, etc? I’m very new to hockey but I love playing it. Iv played 1 season in brockway this past summer with some friends and that’s how I was exposed to it. 5. What made you want to play fall league and do you hope to play in more leagues in Reynoldsville going forward? I heard about it from shawn Logan and Jeremy lee while playing with them in brockway and I hope to get better by playing in the more competitive league. Yes I do want to play in more Reynoldsville leagues in the future.

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