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Retiring on Top ------ Joe Spencer

1. First year in the xhl ends in a championship. Hows it feel to put a championship team together in a league you never played in before? It feels great. Thank you first to my wife for letting me put this team together and play hockey 2 nights a week this summer. I would like to thank all the guys on my team for wanting to play with me and having the faith that we could win this. 2. You guys lost 10 to 1 monday night. What do you think you guys did better tonight? We all had our worst games of the season on Monday and luckily for us it was only game one. We were missing Pat and that hurt but I give the Knights all the credit in the world, they crushed us in game one. 3. Pat was back in the lineup. What can you say about his play throughout the entire season including tonight? I’ve said this to many people and I’ll say it hear. No disrespect to any other player I’ve ever played with but Pat Hunter is the Best Hockey Player I’ve ever played with. He is next level and a true talent. I am honored to call him my teammate and my friend. 4. Game 2 didnt look good for a while. What was going thru your mind when it was 6 to 2? I was nervous for sure. But I kept telling my team that we could do this and to keep playing hard and leave it all out there on the court. That’s what we did and we ended up being victorious. Hats off to the Knights, they are an amazing team and they had an amazing season. 5. What's it been like playing and representing this team? I enjoyed playing with all my teammates. I am friends with all these guys on and off the court, and for me that’s what it’s all about playing with your friends. I am proud to be a Renegade and I’m proud to represent these guys. Thank you to them for playing on the Renegades. 6. You have mentioned retirement. Is that true and if so, do you think the rest of the guys will come back to defend the championship next season? Yes, I am retiring from the XHL. I came to the league to win and show the guys in the league that there are great local hockey players and not all of them play in the XHL. As for the rest of the team if they want to come back and play together, I hope they do. I will be glad to help them fill out the roster if they need my help as a GM but they will be just fine without me. My goal is to continue to grow and expand hockey in our area. I want to continue to grow the SRHL and make it a more competitive league to play in, and most importantly as my kids are growing, I want to be there for them whenever they need me, no matter what. Thank you for the opportunity to let the Renegades play in the XHL.


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