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Mike Lehman/Pat Hunter Dynamic Duo

Mike Lehman

1. 2018 xhl champions. What was it like playing with this group of guys? It was amazing. I didn’t know anyone except pat and joe but I couldnt ask for a better group of guys to play with 2. Game 1 on monday was ugly. What was the team mindset going into game 2? Basically just put that game in the past and and come back twice as hard next game 3. You won game 2 by a score of 6 to 5. Was it a relief or did you feel like the team may not have had anything left for game 3? It was definitely a relief but I think we kind of figured them out that game and were even more ready for the 3rd game! 4. Its obvious the team needed Pat Hunter after a tough game 1. What can you say about his performance in these games tonight? As always pat is a huge help to the team. I feel like me and him shut things down pretty well on defense so it definitely helped us. 5. You had your share of goals as well. What can you say about being a part of the xhl this season and do you hope to be a part of it going forward? I liked it a lot. But there was also a lot I didn’t agree with but that’s life. Just gotta roll with the punches and move on. Unless your Derrian lol

Pat Hunter

1. 2 wins tonight to claim the 2018 championship. What can you say about playing such a big part on this championship team? To be honest whenever we are missing anybody on our team it effects our whole team but I definitely was happy I could contribute to our success. 2. You guys needed 2 wins against the fastest team in the league and you were able to get it done. What can you say about this group of guys? Well first off the knights are a really fast and young team their future is bright and I’m sure we will see that team in the finals again soon with that being said I’m really proud of the way our team didn’t give up even when things were looking pretty dark there in the second period of game 2. 3. The 2nd game didnt look good tonight. What was going thru your mind when they went up by 4 goals? I wasn’t sure what to think when they were up by 4, I can tell you I didn’t have a good feeling. I knew we had to dig deep and find a way to just score 1, luckily Lehman had a huge goal with 2 seconds left in the 2nd period that ended up being the turning point of the game. 4. You were named 2018 finals MVP. What was it like playing in the league all season and what can you say about the competition level? The league was awesome, really neat to see how serious everybody was about the league, it made it exciting. This is only the 2nd roller league I’ve ever played in and the competition was really good, every game you had to be ready to play or the game would slip away fast. 5. Do you plan to be a part of the league for future seasons to come? I’m definitely interested in playing next summer and I know a few more guys from Indiana will be joining us too.


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