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Jake Kline ------ Knights one win away!

1. 10 to 1 win over the renegades tonight. What can you say about the team effort in the win? Team effort was great. We played our game our pace and got the w 2. They were missing an important guy. Did you think you guys had an edge going in? Hunter is a great player very fast. Did we have a edge sure I guess but even if he was there and we played our game like we did I feel the out come could have been the same. But with him not being there we knew we had to get the 1st win 3. You, Brandon Vollmer and Derrian Matchock were teammates in brockways league. How would you compare your team in that league to this league? Brandon and Darrien were my teammates and we won the championship but that league vs this league. This is much faster and much competitive which is how I like it. A lot faster paced game in xhl 4. You were supposed to be on vacation last week. How long did it take you to decide not to go? The vacation thing was up and down for prob the last month. There were a few reasons why we didn't end up going. And playoff hockey was 1 of those big reasons 5. Game 2 wednesday. How important do you think it is to avoid game 3? Very important to get win 1st game on wednesday and if we come out playing the way the team played 2night we got a real good chance of that happening


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