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Game Summaries ----- 08/15

Knights 7 Yeti 1

Refs: Anderson/Glass Scratches: N/A Goals - Calvert 3, Tosh 2, Schindler 2 Assists - Schindler 3, Calvert 1 Goals - Currin 1 Assists - Mohney 1 Saves - McKinley 34, Schickling 34

Scoring Summary: 1st period: Tosh (1-0), Schindler (2-0) 2nd period: Calvert (3-0), Currin (1-3) 3rd period: Calvert (4-1), Schindler (5-1), Tosh (6-1), Calvert (7-1)

The Knights have only been around as an xhl team since 2016, but you would never know it based on how they have played this season. The team failed to win the xhl playin playoff game against the Lazers in 2016 and again last year to the Yeti, but were able to add to earn a #1 seed this season. After a 2 game sweep against the Yeti, its safe to say that the #1 seed was well deserved. While a #1 seed was a big accomplishment, the ultimate goal will be fulfilled if they can find a way to win 2 of 3 games against the Renegades next week. Last nights 7-1 win against the Yeti was a closer game than the final score indicated, but once again, this was a total team effort for the Knights. We all know how good Andy Calvert and Kurt Schindler are, but different guys have contributed all season long. Last night was no different, seeing Jordan Tosh score the opening goal of the night. He would eventually score again in the 3rd period to seal the deal for the Knights. Team leaders Andy Calvert and Kurt Schindler combined for 5 goals and 4 assists in the win. First year goalie Todd Schickling continues to impress, making 34 saves last night. The Knights jumped out a 2-0 lead at the end of the first period and never looked back. The Yeti was able to close to within 3-1 late in the 2nd period following a Jarrod Currin goal set up from Greg Mohney, but the Knights pulled away in the 3rd period, scoring 4 times to leave no doubt on their trip to the championship round. Yeti leader Adam McKinley made 34 saves but the Knights were able to capitalize on some 2 on 1 breaks in that 3rd period. A more detailed scoring summary is listed above.

Renegades 13 Hooligans 5

Referees: Anderson/Glass Scratches: Rieder Goals - Lehman 5, Hunter 5, Vollmer 2, Matchock 1 Assists - Stinchcomb 3, Hunter 3, Lehman 2, Matchock 2 Goals - Cody Schuckers 3, Bell 1, Cory Schuckers 1 Assists - Cory Schuckers 1 Saves - Nelson 29, Clontz 24

Scoring Summary:

1st period: Lehman (1-0), Hunter (2-0), Cody Schuckers (1-2), Lehman (3-1), Lehman (4-1), Hunter (5-1), Bell (2-5) 2nd period: Hunter (6-2), Vollmer (7-2), Vollmer (8-2), Cody Schuckers (3-8), Hunter (9-3), Lehman (10-3) 3rd period: Cody Schuckers (4-10), Cory Schuckers (5-10), Hunter (11-5), Lehman (12-5), Matchock (13-5)

Back in February, the league put the Hooligans on a team probation based on some team incidents in past seasons. About a month later, Jerred Amick was uncertain of his playing status and eventually jumped from the Hooligans to the Colonials. There were doubts they would make it for a full season, let alone play in a do or die game for a chance to make the XHL Championship. Following a Hooligans come from behind overtime win Monday night, the Renegades were able to bounce back, outscoring the Hooligans 25-10 in the final 2 games of the series. Once again, the Renegades jumped out to comfortable lead and never looked back. Mike Lehman scored 3 first period goals to lead the way. Pat Hunter scored the other 2 first period goals to put the team up 5-2 at the end of the first. The Hooligans were able to get within 2-1 following a Cody Schuckers goal, but the team never got any closer. The Renegades were able to pull away in the 2nd period following a couple more goals from Pat Hunter, a couple from Brandon Vollmer and another from Mike Lehman. Down 10-3 entering the 3rd, the Hooligans tried to make it interesting following goals from Cody Schuckers and Cody Schuckers, but the Renegades would score the last 3 goals of the game (Hunter-Lehman-Matchock) to seal the 13-5 win and earn a trip to the finals in their first year in the XHL. Pat Hunter and Mike Lehman each scored 5 goals, and added 5 combined assists along the way. Cody Schuckers led the Hooligans with 3 goals. On top of Lehman and Hunter scoring goal after goal, the Hooligans seven penalites proved costly. Goalie James Nelson made 29 saves in the loss. Renegade goalie Josh Clontz made 24 saves in amongst all the dancing he did throughout the contest. The 13-5 win earned the Renegades a chance to the finals against the Knights starting Monday night. The two teams split in the regular season. Brandon Vollmer and Jake Kline were on the same championship team in the Brockway league, but will be on opposite sides next week. Derrian Matchock also played on the Brockway championship team. Not many people expected these two teams to play in the xhl championship when the season started. No matter the outcome, both teams have had a great season. They should provide the XHL with some entertaining HOckey.


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