• Summer Anderson

Eric Llewellyn ---- Will face a little different game 3 challenge tonight

1. Game winning overtime goal in game 1. What can you say about the overall team effort in the comeback win? I always want it in those situations. We had a good game. Energy was up. We looked sharp in the comeback. Right foot forward here. 2. Did you think there was a goal or sequence that turned that 1st game in your favor? Cant really pin point any 1 thing... it never felt like the game made a big swing. We just kept workin and slowly crawled back into it. 3. Game 2 got away in a hurry. You think there couldve been a bit of a hangover from the overtime win in game 1? Yeah our guys were beat and Joes ringers were able to exploit that. The 4 hilarious extra calls didnt help any but we were gonna lose anyways. I accepted that with 10:00 left in the first. 4. Game 3 on Wednesday. How would you compare playing the renegades to playing the colonials last wednesday? Well they are different because the Colonials have 1 Bob and the Renegades have 2! What they have in common is the certain doom theyd face without them. 5. James faced a lot of shots tonight. Do you think maybe he wore down in that 2nd game? Who wasnt wore down besides the ringers? We’ll give them H-E- double hockey sticks on wednesday and see what happens.


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