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Yeti and Hooligans moving on

Jarrod Currin --------------- Game winning goal in game 1 against Xtreme:

1. 6 to 5 comeback win tonight. What can you say about the overall effort in the win? It was a great win and showed that we could keep our composure and fight to the very end. 2. It didnt look good for you guys going into the 3rd period. What did you guys do different in the 3rd? I think we just stuck with our game plan and it finally paid off. 3. What do you think caused the slow start? I thought we played well early in the game but we just couldn’t get it in the back of the net. Clint played very well and so did their defense. 4. Xtreme was without Dave Jewell. Were you confident the team could get a win without worrying about him? It certainly helps boost your confidence when your opposing team is without one or their star players. Dave is one of the best defensemen in the league so it always helps when he’s not on the court. 5. We are hearing rumors of your other half wanting to play hockey. Is that true? She recently hit the court at her little cousins birthday party but there is no way she would have interest in getting into a hockey game.

Adam McKinley ---------------- Lots to sweat about Wednesday night:

1. Lots of hockey tonight. How are you feeling following 2 hard fought games against them? Honestly I am beat! I think we all expended all of our energy. A lot of sweat! 2. They were up 5 to 2 going into the 3rd in game 2. Were you thinking it was gonna be the xtremes night? Going into the 3rd, I had confidence we could come back like we did in the previous 2 games, but this time we were only down by 3, instead of by 4 or 5. Mikey was able to give us an inspiring pep talk during the 2nd intermission saying "we're done guys, it was a good season. We got nothing left." It worked brilliantly! The guys never gave up and one goal at a time, we were able to come back and tie the game. 3. The 3 on 3 sequence in the 3rd period went your way as a 6 to 4 deficit turned into a tie at 6. Did you think the 3 on 3 sequence made the difference? Oh for sure. Typically you would give them the edge 3 on 3 with their speed and talent but we played smart, made some good passes, and put a couple in their net. 4. Overtime in a do or die game. What goes thru your head in those moments? If we can control the ball and get in their zone, we have a chance. We had momentum going into OT so I felt pretty good about it. I get up for those kinds of situations. 5. Knights again. How do you think you guys match up with them? I think we match up pretty well. They are a young team, we are not. They have a ton of speed, we have Derek. We just have to play smart against them. Like the Xtreme, the Knights are a fast striking team. They can hurt you on the scoreboard very quickly. If we play smart and limit their chances, I think we have a good chance of coming out on top.

Jason Iseler: Ready for the Renegades:

1. Nice 7 to 3 win over the colonials. What can you say about the team effort in this series? Yeah well I thought we had a great team effort all season as well as in this series . Efforts has never really been questioned on this team since I’ve been here .

2. What do you think made the difference in this series? When you have teams with relatively equal talent a lot of times the outcomes are decided by discipline and a structured game . In some of our bad loses this season I thought we were very unstructured in our game execution and very undisciplined. I think our whole team realized our potential in games 2 & 3 of this series .

3. What can you say about James Nelson's effort in net? Yeah games 2 & 3 James made the saves when we needed it most . That’s the thing , most nights we don’t need James to be spectacular, even tho he can be . We just need him to make to routine saves when called upon . He definitely came up big in latter parts of game 3 last night.

4. They got within 3 to 2 in the 2nd. Were you getting worried or did you feel like the team had control throughout? anytime an opponent closes the gap on ya it brings in the self doubt . I think we all felt as long as we stuck to our game plan that things were gonna work out in our favor .

5. Renegades are next. They beat you 15 to 3 last time you guys faced them. Are you glad to get another shot at them and how do you think you match up with them? Yeah the 2nd game against them got ugly in a hurry , we were behind big before we had 2 line changes . That’s tough to over come by any team. I think we’re all looking for a chance to at least play better , to our potential . Both teams were missing some key personnel is our 2 meetings with them this season. I’m confident we’ll have a better showing in this series than we did in that 2nd regular season game we had with them .


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