• Summer Anderson

Who will survive Colonials-Hooligans?

Troy Bell ------- Hooligans save their best for when it mattered most:

1. 2 hard fought games. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? Team effort was good both games. The strategy changed up the second game and some of our stronger skaters had to provide more effort and they did that. 2. The team started slow in game 1. What do you think went wrong ? Confusion maybe? Speed wasn't there, played a worse defensive game. Once you get behind it's hard to dig back out unless there is a big change in momentum. 3. You had some big goals tonight. What's it been like playing on this team this season? I like it. We all have our roles and are finding out how to best implement them with one another. I honestly think our second game was one of our and my best games this season. 4. What do you think you guys did better in game two? We completely changed our strategy. And we also did have a few more fresh legs that the colonials did. The heat and lack of subs may have benefit us a bit but all in all we played a strong second game. 5. You have got to play in a few game 3s in the past. Are you confident this team can win and move on to next week? If we play like we did the second game. Get positioning right and communicate well, I would say we at least stand a chance.

Bob Anderson ------------------ Tough game 2 for Colonials:

1. 2 games, one win. What can you say about the effort tonight? There was a distinct difference in effort level in the first game and second. I think everyone on our team would admit that. The heat didn’t help and only having one sub hurt. But the Hooligans deserve a lot of credit. They came out in that second game like their season was on the line. We have to do the same Wednesday. 2. A 4 to 1 lead in game 1 turned into a 4 to 3 game with 2 minutes to go. Were you getting worried? After playing in so many games like that this season, especially early, it definitely had the same feel. I think those heartbreaking losses helped us in that moment though. We didn’t panic and put the game on ice with a couple of goals. 3.. Game 2 didnt go as well. What did you think went wrong? I think it came down to fatigue and a matter of them wanting it more than us. When you’re tired you tend to not just make physical mistakes but mental ones. Those hurt us. The Hooligans capitalized. 4. Game 3 wednesday. How confident are you going into the game? I think our teams are very evenly matched. It could certainly go either way. I’m confident we will give it our best effort. That’s all you can control. 5. Did you think there was a goal or play that seemed to turn the game in their favor in that 2nd game? Despite falling behind we got within a goal of them in the middle of the third period. James made a couple of good saves that could have tied the game up otherwise. Then Steve-o was able to score a couple of goals to put the game away.



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