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Todd Schicking ------ Knights finish 1st place in regular season

1. With Wednesday’s comeback win, you officially clinched first place in the regular season. Going into the season, did you realistically think this team had a chance to finish with the top seed going into the playoffs? Being it my first year, I didn't know what to expect. I had a good feeling that we were definitely a playoff caliber team, but aside from that my outlook was to take it one game at a time. 2. You guys had two comeback wins, a 3 goal deficit against the Colonials and a 2 goal deficit against the Yeti. What can you say about those two comeback wins this week? Well it shows that we won't quit. This group has a look of confidence when it comes to goal scoring like none other, and I believe that they feel very strong that if an opponent gets a lead it's really never a safe one. 3. You appear to be in a good groove in net. How confident are you going into the playoffs? With our group I’m hoping we can make a deep run. I think the “kids” as they’re called made some real mature steps and went from boys to men, and I don’t mean the R&B group. As a group we faced some adversity in a lot of tight games and some come from behind wins, they really dug deep. Throw in a couple old guys in Jake and me, then that’s a good mix to make some noise in the playoffs as long as we continue to play our game. 4. Rumor has that Jake Kline may not be present for your first playoff series. Is that true and if so, do you think the team can fill his void considering how valuable he is to this team? That's what we're hearing. We will just have to make the adjustment and fill his role with an offset of a few different guys depending who's out on the floor at that time. Communication will definitely have to be on point so we aren't caught out of position. 5. If the Colonials win, you will play them, but there is a chance you could see the Xtreme or Yeti. How do you think you guys match up with each of those teams? Really, anyone we play will be a good contest. Frankly, I don't see a bad playoff match-up anywhere top to bottom. The Colonials played us hard twice in the regular season. I believe we won the first game in OT, correct me on that if I'm wrong, and the second game was the come from behind win. So again a back and forth battle would be expected. The Xtreme pounded us in the first game of the year, however we did win the redemption game. So yet another tight match-up there. You have 2 very explosive offenses going head to head if that series comes to fruition. The Yeti beat us in overtime the first game, and forced us to come from behind in the last game of the regular season. Again all the potential match-ups would be worth the watch with so many different styles and gameplay. The leagues play style diversity is something quite amazing really.


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