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Wednesday, 8/1

Adam McKinley ---------- Tough loss to the Knights. Looking ahead to Xtreme.

1. Tough loss to the knights tonight. What do you think went wrong in that 3rd period? Penalties kill! You take a penalty or 2 against this team and you'll pay for it. 2. Any goals you wish you could take back? Yeah there was one that I thought I had covered under my blocker. I believe it was Kurt that got a few whacks at it before putting it in the net. 3. The team could have earned a bye with a regulation win. Now, you get the xtreme. What kind of series do you expect? It depends. If we play like we have been the past few weeks, I think we have a decent chance. They seem to be struggling a little as of late. We need to capitalize on our chances and limit theirs. They have a high powered offense and we need to shut it down. 4. Did you think there was a goal or sequence that turned the game in their favor? Once they got the 3rd goal to tie the game, momentum was completely in their favor. 5. What positives can you take out of this loss? We kept with them. We can't match their speed but we could play smart and we did that for a majority of the game. I felt pretty good in net I think the guys in n front of me did a pretty good job protecting the goal. There's definitely some things we need to work on before the next game.

Kevin Ingros ----------------------- Vikings fall 8-2 to Mayhem

1. Tough 8 to 2 loss to the mayhem tonight. What do you think went wrong? I feel like we were rather unorganized tonight and rather weak defensively. 2. You didnt get to play every week, but what was the brief xhl experience like for you this summer? I definitely wasn't prepared for this season but I learned a lot from all the other players and it was a lot of fun. 3. What positives can you take out of the season? I got my first taste of organized hockey and all the experience will help me improve for the future. 4. Was the competition tougher than expected? I knew going in that a lot of the players had been in the league for a while but I was still surprised by some of the talent I've gotten to watch. 5. Will you be back for offseason hockey leagues this fall and winter? I do plan on playing the other leagues. A lot of practice to be done but I'm looking forward to it.

Mike Lehman ------------ Is he happy to be off next week? Renegades clinch first round bye.

1. Big win over the xtreme tonight. Were you surprised you guys controlled the game from start to finish? I was surprised because they have a great team that hustles hard but usually when we start going we do a good job at keeping the momentum goi 2. You jumped out to a 5-0 lead but then they scored 2 quick goals. Were you a little worried at that point? yeah I was a little worried because I know they could have easily came back but we did a good job at holding them there. 3. With the win, you clinched at least a bye, maybe a top spot. Are you glad you dont have to play next week or do you think the bye could make you a little rusty in the playoffs? I am and I’m not. I wanna keep playing but I’m okay with taking a break also. 4. What can you say about Josh's effort in net? josh as always played real well and kept us with our lead with some great saves. 5. What can you say about the overall team effort in tonights win? overall both teams played real well we just played a little better. Excited to see how playoffs go!

Nic Cebulskie: Mayhem finish season on a bright spot:

1. Nice win over the vikings to conclude the season. What can you say about the overall team effort? I think we did pretty good. We definitely had some ups and some downs but overall we didn’t do to bad for being s younger team 2. 1st season in the league. What was it like playing on this team? It was fun getting to know some new people. I think it made me a better player 3. The team had some good and bad this season. What positives can you take out of it? The bad games helped our team bond get stronger. The good games definitely helped. We made more of a friendship then a team. 4. The vikings had their share of struggles as well. Did you notice any improvement in their team from opening night to now? The 3 new players added to their team on the second half of the season definitely helped their team out 5. What's your prediction for the playoffs? It is to early to tell


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