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Waddell/Llewellyn Interviews

Alex Waddell --------- Paying the Price for his xhl return last night:

1. You got a taste of xhl action again. What was it like to be back? It was great. I had a lot of fun and it was good to see everyone and meet some new people. I am definitely feeling it today though

2. The mayhem and Vikings went to overtime. What was it like being a part of it? . It was exciting to be part of a close back and forth game. I felt bad for the guys that I took a lazy penalty at the end giving the Vikings the opportunity to tie up the game and eventually win it

3. How did you feel following the games? . I actually felt pretty good last but it’s starting to set in now it was 100% worth the sore muscles and hopefully I can get back up sometime soon to play again

4. Renegades took it to you guys in the 2nd game. What do you think went wrong? The renegades are a great group they are fast and click really well with their passing. I wasn’t able to contribute very much at all after playing the game before so that didn’t help. Jeremy had some great saves and kept us in the game longer that I thought we would have lasted

5. How would you compare the league now to when you last played in it? . I was impressed with how few penalties there were. It seems like it’s still very competitive but it has cleaned up. I’m sure there are still games that get heated but it


Eric Llewellyn --------------- Hooligans not done just yet:

1. Game winner over xtreme in overtime. What can you say about the overall team effort? I was very pleased with all of our guys in this one. We went down 2-0 pretty quick but never lost focus. When our D guys step up and win battles and control the walls the way they did tonight we can be tough to beat

2. They were down 4 to 2 but took it to overtime. Was the team a little discouraged at that point?

When you know its comin you dont get discouraged you just try to stop the bleeding. All while walking on egg shells in a 3rd period hookfest.... everyone knows which way the calls gonna go there and it ended up 4-4. This year we have a team that knows we cant do anything about stuff like that so we just went into OT and did what we had to do. Their D jumped the play and as soon as steve-o hit me in stride with a good pass i knew it was over

3. What can you say about Cory's effort in net?

Cant say enough. Time and time again he has stepped in there and performed like a top tier XHL goaltender. As if its not enough of a task being a main part of our offense AND our defense! The man has skill in every aspect of the game of hockey. Its very fitting that he has more cups than anyone in the league. (Except maybe adam?)

4. What does a win like this do for your confidence going into the playoffs? Its huge. For the standings. For team morale. Sittin on a W for a week going into the playoffs is exactly what you want. Were right where we wanna be

5. What do you think the difference between this team is compared to the team last year that missed the playoffs? I remember getting asked what the difference was between the 2 teams in an interview before the season even started. I said wed be bringing a different look... and now over 3 months later here we are sitting way better than we were last year. We added depth. We added role players. We (for the most part) cut out the confusion of positions. Most importantly we added discipline. We can already be happy about the turn around we saw this season... but i dont think were done just yet!

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