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Kurt Schindler -------- Knights ready for Yeti

1. Nice 6 to 4 win tonight. What did you guys do different in that 3rd period? I think we just started to work harder than we had the previous two periods. We didn’t really do anything different when it comes to X’s and O’s. We just kept getting shots on net and

2. They went up 3 to 0. What was going thru your mind? It’s hard not to think about the score in a close and important game. But we didn’t let it get to us. We kept our heads up and kept hustling and working hard on both ends of the floor. We continued to create scoring chances and ended up capitalizing on them on the third.

3. We believe the win clinched at least a 2nd seed for you guys. How exciting will it be to get into the final 4 teams this season? We aren’t too focused on what the seeding is as of yet. We just take one game at a time and focus on the task at hand. And that is preparing for our next game and going out and giving it our all

4. You had a couple tough play in losses the past 2 seasons. What do you think this years team has improved on? . I think our defense has improved greatly from our last two seasons. We had been known for playing a fast game and filling up the net but it didn’t matter much when the other team scored more than we did. We’ve really tightened up our defensive game and back check much better than we ever have. I think we also do a great job of limiting opponents shot totals and block a good number of shots. Also, adding Jake was a match made in heaven, as he fits our style perfectly

5. Yeti Wednesday. What kind of game are you expecting? . Another hard fought game and competitive game. They’re solid from front end to back end and Adam is as good as it gets in the crease. We know it’s gonna be tough to get some by him but we’re just gonna keep doing what we’ve been doing and it should make for a fun game.


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