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Analyzing Playoff Scenarios

Colonials: Locked into #6

Xtreme: #5 with a regulation loss.

#4 with a win and ANY Yeti loss, OR with an OTL and a Yeti regulation loss (Xtreme hold H2H tiebreaker with Yeti, but Xtreme lose 3-way tiebreaker to Renegades and Hooligans on total win criteria)

Yeti: #1 with a win and a Renegades regulation L.

#2 with a regulation W and a Renegades W –OR- with a Yeti OT win and a Renegades regulation L.

#3 with an OTL and a Renegades W (win goal differential tiebreaker with Hooligans)

#5 with regulation L and Xtreme win or OTL, or with OTL and Xtreme win (lose H2H to Xtreme)

#4 in all remaining scenarios

Hooligans: #3 with regulation L by Yeti (Hooligans hold H2H tiebreak with Xtreme, and in a 3-way they hold total win tiebreak over Xtreme, but lose goal differential tiebreak to Yeti)

#4 with Yeti W or OTL

Renegades: #1 with a W and a Knights L, -OR- an OTL and a Knights regulation L (hold 3-way goal differential tiebreaker)

#3 with a regulation L and a Yeti W

#2 in all other scenarios (they hold all multi-way tiebreakers vs. Xtreme, Yeti, and Hooligans unless they lose by 10+ goals)

Knights: #1 with W, -OR- with OTL and any Renegades L

#2 with OTL and Renegades W –OR- regulation L and Renegades regulation L

#3 in all other scenarios (if they lose to Yeti, they will lose 3-way goal differential ties to both Yeti and Renegades)

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